University of Leicester Centenary Scholarships – Syed Ali – Medicine

a centenary scholar as someone who has overcome quite a few adversities and hurdles to be at university and they’ve also contributed to the community when I found out I became a centenary scholar I felt recognized giving me more confidence and reassurance I definitely deserve to be in university I’ve chosen to study medicine because I enjoy science I want to help people and so I did a lot of work experience to make sure it’s the right choice for me and after watching my doctors you know doing problem-solving diagnosing from unknown symptoms working in teams all of these aspects medicine appealed to me I have gone through families being affected by disease my father had a kidney transplant so my studies were in us prioritize I should have been so this medical education but I’m currently trying to obtain is very important to me as without that I wouldn’t be able to aspire for my dreams after graduating and working as a GP I look to help in widening participation first you inside myself I want to help those who believe they can’t become doctors due to over people tongue and so I want to give them the confidence to become doctors and so I aspire to be a compassionate doctor in the future you [Music]

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