University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine: Unrivaled History. Unlimited Future.

50 years of learning of growing of
evolving 50 years of game-changing research passion fueled faculty and
industry leading practices in 1969 Governor Paul Laxalt signed historic
legislation to establish Nevada’s first medical school back then we were known
as educators of Medicine creating a foundation of caring and a tradition of
excellence we still stand for that we also stand for so much more
today’s University of Nevada Reno School of Medicine is a diverse learning
community a training ground were high tech facilities and hands-on treatment
create dynamic learning experiences here we nurture careers by engaging our
students in groundbreaking research that not only shapes their education but the
world around them a place where we never lose sight of the privilege that comes
with caring for patients while placing value on the tremendous need to care for
ourselves what is 50 years brought to our School of Medicine strength
momentum opportunity results as we mark 50 years we celebrate the successes
we’ve seen the accomplishments on the horizon and the ideas we haven’t even
begun to imagine the University of Nevada, Reno School of
Medicine unrivaled history unlimited future

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