University of Penn NCSP Scholars Danielle Erkoboni, MD & Tiffany Montgomery, PhD, RNC-OB, C-EFM

Hi, my name is Daniel Erkoboni, I’m a second year National Clinician Scholar and a general pediatrician. My work focuses on the intersection of parent-child interaction and digital media. Looking at how children, especially those in at-risk populations, can use digital media to enhance parent-child interactions but also looking at the detriments that come with using digital intermediate in digital media with at-risk populations. And my name is Tiffany Montgomery. I am also a second year National Clinician Scholar and a VA Scholar. I am a labor and delivery nurse and my research looks at sexual reproductive health disparities, and the use of mobile health technology, to intervene. Also looking at nursing education in the ways that we can educate nurses and have better teaching strategies for adult learners. I chose the NCSP because it was different than any other program out there. As someone who knew they wanted to take an academic track as a general pediatrician I was looking at many different academic programs in addition to the NCSP, and what I found through the National Clinician Scholar Program was that this was above and beyond what I was seeing with other programs. The interprofessional learning, the opportunity to experience an in-depth exposure to health policy was really what drove my choice to come to the NCSP. And I chose to apply to NCSP because I really liked the addition of policy work. I knew that I wanted to do something with a postdoc, I had a PhD in nursing and knew that I wanted a little bit more training, but thinking about what I could do for the population that I’m researching, in a way that includes policy implications, was really important to me. I’d had a little bit of experience working with policy previously and wanted to learn more about the research side of that. When thinking about a few things I have learned in the program, the first one I learned within I’d say the first day being at the program. As a general pediatrician I had just finished several years of pediatric focused training. I had very little exposure to the issues at a population health level, at a health policy level, that faced the vast majority of the adult population. And so thinking about things in the lens outside of my my rigorous training was was eye-opening and something that really affirmed to me that I had chosen the right program. For for me that came when we did a deep dive into the opioid epidemic in Philadelphia, and that is something that I might not have had exposure to if I had stayed within a pediatric focused program. Now that said I think the second thing I learned was enriching to my pediatric training was coming from the immense partnership with the university community, with the CHOP community, and so I learned a lot about the interplay between the hospital, between the University, between the community, the rich community that is in West Philadelphia. And so I learned a lot both through the classes, the lectures, as well as the research opportunities that were afforded to us in this program. Of how those things played together and really helped to make for research that easily translates to policy. Two things that I learned while in the program are one, that we have a great opportunity to work with community-based Organizations. A lot of times when you think about wanting to be in academics you sort of forget that there is a whole world outside of the university, and working with a community-based organization has been a real joy, And I hope to continue to do so throughout my career. Another thing I learned while in the program is that it’s good to have a little bit of unstructured time to have flexibility. This program affords us the opportunity to sort of follow our research where it takes us. We don’t have to stick to one area. We are encouraged to research new things and explore new opportunities and that’s been really great for me. I couldn’t agree more, and I think that that speaks to how we all see our careers playing out. I think the majority of us see ourselves in careers that are not in the straight and narrow. And so for me I see my career past the NCSP really being at an intersection of tech industry, of education, and academia, and healthcare. And I don’t think that there is another program out there that would have reinforced that for me. I think that I would have been the outlier in a lot of different places, but that’s the norm within our cohort. To really see these careers that are amalgams of many different sectors, and to kind of put us in that position where that’s encouraged, is exceptional. For me I hope to accomplish a career as a nurse educator teaching in a nurse nursing program that has various levels of students, so BSN students to masters prepared students, also PhD and DMP nursing students. But in that I don’t want to give up my love for research so while being in the classroom primarily, I also hope to study diverse populations of pregnant women, breastfeeding women. Continue to study sexual health and also continue to keep one foot in practice. I never want to totally leave the bedside.

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