University of Virginia School of Medicine 2019 White Coat Ceremony

[Music] I’m searching for the signal, the sign of life. They always try and sway you – once you’ve made up your mind. I’ve been running from my future, myself,
my art. But, I can’t ignore the flame that burns in
my heart. Don’t always see what’s in front of me. [Music] Still, I say we go running through the headlights. Go running through the headlights. [Music] When you’re alone in the dark you’ve got to find your spark. [Music] You know where ever you are, you are a shooting star. [Music] Is it the ink on the paper? Is it the ink on your skin? Did you find love at a lost or is it just
the times we’re living in? [Music] And just know you’re a shooting star. [Music] Yeah, you’re a shooting star.

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