UNMC's Graduate Medical Education Recruitment Video

hi my name is Vicki ham and I'm the administrator for graduate medical education here at the University of Nebraska Medical Center our office is administratively responsible for all of the training programs here at UNC and we'd like to thank you for interviewing for a position here the purpose of this video is to emphasize some of some of the benefits and general information about our programs and working here at unmc if you match to our University we will start communicating with you through the GME office beginning with the new Fellows in January and the new residents in March after the match results are released we will be sending you information about licensure in the state of Nebraska how to apply for an NPI number how to apply for a DEA number and schedule your electronic medical record training orientation for all of our new trainees is always the last couple of days in june and you we will start communicating with you about this after the first part of the year Omaha is home to a lot of young professionals and I think that you will find a lot of housing opportunities with available apartments and houses for rent or sale you can also refer to our graduate medical education website and click on the housing opportunities button there you will find houses for sale or rent by residents or fellows who are leaving our program also UNMC has affordable housing in the immediate area and if you are interested you can contact esther collins at area code 40 to 55 95 201 we're very proud of the salaries that we pay our house staff our salaries are currently above the 75th percentile as published by the double AMC on a national level in addition we offer excellent medical dental life vision and disability plans for you as an employee we also offer a flexible spending account and you can refer to Nebraska edu website to find out more about those benefits in addition we offer tuition assistance for you or your immediate family members this is amounts to 15 free credit hours per year and can be used at any of the local universities such as un Oh UNK or UNL everyone cares about vacation and our trainees are all given 20 working days of paid vacation per year in addition you are given five days of leave for professional meetings with approval from your program director everybody has to eat we feel that we have many food options to offer you on our campus all new residents and fellows are given a five dollar and 50 cent lunch card upon employment that can be used on campus anywhere from 8am to 5pm this card is reset back to five dollars and fifty cents each day also if you are required to be in house overnight on call you will receive an extra thirteen dollars in meal money as well as eight dollars per night for every night of night float staying fit and healthy is one of our top priorities for you while you are a house officer at unmc we have a fully equipped fitness center right on campus that contains a weight room treadmills ellipticals and other workout equipment the gym has classes and has a full basketball and volleyball court for your usage and the current cost of the gym membership is around twenty eight dollars per month one of the most frequent questions that I get from new residents is where will I park well fortunately we have a very nice covered structure very close to the front entrance of the hospital this is lot 50 directly across from the Durham outpatient care center this is a covered structure and the current cost of this lot is thirty dollars per month unmc boasts an outstanding childcare center that will take infants from six weeks up to through seven years of age this child care center is used by many of our current residents and faculty members and by all reviews is truly outstanding the childcare center is open from 6am to 6 p.m. and is located at 40th and dewey avenue just steps away from the front door of the medical center unmc has a very active chapter of resident and medical student spouses the purpose of the house officers association alliance is to promote fellowship among its members and open lines of communication within UNMC they sponsor a wide variety of activities throughout the year including a welcome brunch for new residents and their families playgroups halloween parade and special interest clubs they also help fund innovative programs which help families throughout the unmc community one of the ways we are looking out after your health and wellness is by providing use of an exercise room while you are in call at UNMC this workout room has various equipment for you to use on your nights when you can squeeze in a workout this workout room is located in the heart of the campus in the lead transplant center and is free for you to use while you are on call the greater omaha area passes the test for outstanding public and private schools and is one of the great things about living in omaha you and your family will have many excellent choices for preschools elementary middle or high schools in any of the areas in which you choose to live thank you for interviewing at the University of Nebraska Medical Center if you have additional questions or concerns please feel free to call or email me good luck to you as you go through the interview season and we hope to see you in the halls at unmc you

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