UoN Maths graduate talks about his first role within the pharmaceutical industry

why the pharmacy claims do you think it’s still a blue-chip industries in an industry that’s very established its ethical it is something that also for me means that I am hopefully helping patients get treatment and help improving healthcare so ultimately that’s the goal of the industry becoming a medical sales rep is a well-known route into the industry a lot of people and who are now in senior roles in pharmaceuticals have come through that role and it’s called carrying the bag it shows that you carry the bag you understand how sales people interact with healthcare professionals so it’s something that’s very common so joining the industry as a sales rep there’s lots of training that goes on there’s and classical sales training will teach you lots of their selling and marketing strategies and skills you need there’s also the healthcare skills that you need in the area that you in if you work in mental health and diabetes or setting you need to learn you need to learn about that and thirdly as a sales rep you have to pass the call the abpi exam but there’s get this right the association of the British pharmaceutical industry and you have to pass the exam within the first two years of becoming sales reps again quite tough exam to pass with lots of the work on anatomy and healthcare and accepted is quite difficult to parse a good good training program arresting from sales rep there are various roles that you can move into a lot of people who are in sales reps but sometimes stay there enjoy that carry on doing the roll so they stay where they are others can move into marketing which is often a way that people move and others move into probably into sales management as well they are the areas that people move to or after that they may move into senior management as well if your undergraduate now trying experience working environment and within healthcare so try and get some work experience and the comments any experience to understand what was going on and if you’ve got any contacts and i would definitely speak to people at careers fairs when the companies are here talking about what they’re doing the tell you about the programs they run and expose my third piece of advice should be take every opportunity take take the chances take experiences and learn as much as you can

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