Update on Cinnamon for Blood Sugar Control

the use of cinnamon to help treat diabetes remains controversial we know that cinnamon is so good at controlling one’s blood sugar that you can cheat on a diabetes test by consuming two teaspoons of cinnamon the night before your glucose tolerance test basically they make you drink some sugar water and see how well your body can keep your blood sugar levels under control and if you eat those two teaspoons right when the test starts or twelve hours before you can significantly blunt the spike a half teaspoon of cinnamon does not seem to be enough but about a teaspoon a day does appear to make a significant difference a review the best studies done to date found that the intake of cinnamon by type two diabetics or pre-diabetics does lower their blood glucose significantly so what’s the controversy well as I described before cassia cinnamon also known as Chinese cinnamon or probably what you’re getting at the store if it just says cinnamon contains a compound called coumarin which may be toxic to the liver in high enough doses originally the concern was mainly for kids during Christmas time where they might get an above average exposure but more recently some researchers suggest that the kids just sprinkling some cassia cinnamon on their oatmeal a few times a week might exceed the recommended safety limit the bowl values here are above the recommended upper limit for little kids just a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon a few times a week maybe too much and if you’re eating that cinnamon sprinkled oatmeal more than like you know every day even adults can bump up against the limit so a teaspoon a day of cassia cinnamon might be too much for anyone but no problem just switch from cassia cinnamon to Ceylon cinnamon you can get the benefits without the potential risks right well without the risks yes but we’re not sure about the benefits nearly all the study showing blood sugar benefits of cinnamon were done on cassia we’ve just assumed that the same would apply for the safer cinnamon Ceylon but only recently was put to the test owing to the presence that toxic compound the Federal Institute for risk assessment in Europe is warned against consuming large amounts of the cassia cinnamon suggesting a switch from cassia cinnamon to Ceylon cinnamon also known as true cinnamon but you know we didn’t know whether or not the true cinnamon had similar benefits until now you know we saw that nice blunting of blood sugar levels in response to cassia cinnamon well but in response to Ceylon cinnamon nothing bummer in fact they’re thinking you know maybe that potentially toxic coumarin stuff was the active ingredient in the cassia cinnamon all along so you take out the toxin you take out the benefit so they conclude yeah it’s great that health authorities are recommending the switch however the positive effects scene with cassia could then be lost so should we give up on going out of our way to add cinnamon to our diet no I think it’s still a good idea to shoot for about a teaspoon of cinnamon of Ceylon cinnamon a day since there’s a bunch of other benefits linked to cinnamon besides just blood sugar control not the least of which is its potent antioxidant content in fact one of the cheapest food sources of antioxidants beating out the cloves and coming in just under purple cabbage but cinnamon can no longer be considered a safe and effective treatment for diabetes either you’re using cassia cinnamon and it’s effective but may not be safe or using Ceylon cinnamon which is safe but does not appear effective but look even the cassia cinnamon only brought down blood Sugar’s modestly in other words only as good as the leading diabetes drug in the world metformin sold as a glucophage yeah it may work as good as the leading drug but that’s not saying much the best way to treat diabetes is to attempt to cure it completely reversing diabetes with a healthy diet you


  1. Oh Dear..after watching this video…now I am thinking on stopping the cinnamon…if it's going to harm my liver…

  2. once a week, maybe? caylon the rest? really, some studies might be "shifted" as well by rich departments, right now, diabetes is a huge moneypool for big pharma companies… jussaying 🙂

  3. oooohhhhh go figure another white coat is telling the masses NOOO natural things are bad for you, but yet EVERY  SINGLE PRESCRIPTION DRUG HAS FAR WORST SIDE EFFECTS, AND YOU KNOW WHAT THOSE DAMNMETFORMIN INJECTORS SIDE AFFECT IS CANCER 

  4. I have taken a cinnamon supplement for years, just don't have to take Aspirin as a blood thinner…plus Chromium  don't always take every day, just if I've not exercised enough or got off my diet and sugar starts going up. 
    I don't take any prescription meds for diabetes…just a good diet and exercise which gives better control anyway.   Plus with my diet I do eat carbs…potatoes, rice and  bread,   Calorie counting works so you can eat any food you want, just keep inside your calorie allowance.

  5. Look for a cinnamon brand called CinSulin.  It uses a patented water extraction process to remove the potential toxins and leaves just the beneficial parts of the cinnamon in the extract so it is concentrated.  It has clinical studies proving it is both safe and effective.  

  6. Anything that inhibits liver function keeps your blood sugar from spiking.  The more anything screws with your liver, the less glycogen it will make.  Alcohol, testosterone, acetaminophen, etc.  All lower your (future) blood sugar.

  7. i have two 8 year old Cinnamon Trees in my compound here in Dar es salaam. I use its leaves as tea! Are they harmful to a diabetic?

  8. Oh hai! Have you used – the Curesal Rapid Diabetes Reversal program (do a search for it on GOOGLE)? Ive heard some far out things about it and my sister got stunning changes in glucometer readings from it.

  9. How can you tell the difference between cassia and ceylon? I don't want to rely on a label cause they can easily fool you.

  10. Question about cinnamon and diabetes, esp. with food.  It comes in several formats, such as ground cinnamon and pill supplements.  What's the best way to take cinnamon?

  11. What about people like me?? I have a healthy diet and a heallty weight but I still have impaired glucose tolerance and am prediabetic, no matter what I do!

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  13. Here we go once again with a myriad of plugs in the comments section that tout some other miracle cure for diseases like diabetes.  Go ahead, suckers, and throw money at these cures when it costs nothing to lose weight and take a walk each day. Lazy obese Americans.  Only the sloths die young.  And I'll keep taking my cinnamon no matter where its harvested.  I'm sure the side effects are far less unpleasant than the industry's prescription diabetic drug which is just pure poison.

  14. Cassia cinnamon is potent and benefit to those have diabetes. However, it all defends on how much you intake into your body. Any good food will become poison if you consume too much of it. Why don't you guy who has diabetes try the cinnamon pill which has eliminated the bad stuff? I believe Costco or Sam club carry the supplement.

  15. @Dafger Sada I’m talking about an all-natural, safe and permanent, yes that’s right permanent CURE for diabetes. I’m talking about not just covering up your diabetes symptoms through so called diabetes ‘management’ medications or treatments but tackling the root cause of your diabetes head on.==>

  16. Cassia IS the non toxic cinnamon. I have used it with noticeable health benifits. Incorrect info from a person with no experience who believes anything typed up as a report (funded by what phrama co?) is science.

  17. Here's the problem with this video and many others of Dr. Greger. Foregone conclusions. This is ONLY 1 study. Many animal studies show it does have a blood-sugar lowering effect. In fact, I am willing to bet future research will show Ceylon cinnamon to be just as beneficial if not more than cassia. Furthermore, there are some studies that show cassia cinnamon has no beneficial effect on blood sugar. My point exactly! Ceylon does lower blood sugar, just wait and watch my words be validated by future research.

  18. ln 2011, British researchers (Ied by Professor Roy Taylor of Newcastle University) announced that diabetes (even advanced type 2 diabetes) can be reversed through diet changes. SpecificaIIy, they discovered that Type 2 diabetes can be COMPLETELY REVERSED by diet alone. As a matter of fact… after 1 week, blood sugar normalized. By 4 weeks, normal insulin production returned. After that, participants ate normally.

  19. But what's the actual risk? How many adults actually had lver damage? I don't care about speculation that it might do this or that…

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  22. +>>I feel worried about constantly checking blood levels being a former diabetes sufferer imagined I would undoubtedly die with diabetes>>*

  23. It is easy to say a healthy diet, when one just gain weight by just breathing air to stay alive.  I am diabetic so I know it is in my genes as my mother died of few strokes due to her long exposure to diabetes for years and years. Drug companies don't want to find a cure to keep sucking $$$$ blood from us.

  24. I didn’t have the energy to keep up with my kids anymore! Just the thought of vacation, or even a day on the town, made me feeI exhausted. Diabetes was stealing my life. I was scared my vision would start to go, or my feet would start to tingle, hurt, and then I’d lose them.I didn’t want to be a blind amputee! I found the truth about diabetes, and it’s changed everything. I reprogrammed my body to keep my blood sugar where it should be. Finally, I have the energy I need to live my life. And thanks to Diabetes Destroyer, I know my life is going to be long and happy. 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘☺;)

  25. >>I feel worried about constantly checking blood levels being a former diabetes sufferer imagined I would undoubtedly die with diabetes>> 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘☺;)

  26. If it tastes good and doesn't poison me I would go with the Ceylon anytime, even if it had no health benefits at all 😉 I want the flavor, it's no medicine!

  27. ہمارے تجربہ میں بھی ذیابیطس کے مریضوں کے لئے دارچینی مفید ثابت ہوئی ہے
    پروفیسر حکیم زاھد نذیر علوی
    راولپنڈی طبیہ کالج راولپنڈی پاکستان

  28. CNo worries. Ceylon cinnamon works wonders! I take it and it it is wonderful! My blood sugar is greatly under control. I feel a significant difference when I take it, as opposed to the days I may be rushing and don't take time to make my Ceylon cinnamon and organic raw honey drink.

  29. My eye sight problems began in August of 2015 when I noticed a small swirl of liquid was preventing my right eye sight from seeing things. By September 2015, the swirl continued to grow and decreased my vision gradually.

    This problem increased by October 2015 when the same thing was occurring in my left eye as well. Literally scared the crap out of me. This only happens when you don't take control of your sugar levels.

    I did some research and found out that the combination of Cinnamon & Honey is a decent solution to my problem. It could help you as well and I hope it works for you as it did for me.

    I said my prayers everyday that my eye sight would be restored as I consumed 1 teaspoon of honey and sprinkled cinnamon into my coffee and these two proved to be natural sweeteners as well, then added 2% milk. Didn't need any sugar in my coffee because the combination of these two natural food elements gave the coffee a natural sweet flavor.

    Honey and cinnamon have been used to resolve many diabetic issues. Long story short, these two combined together in coffee have saved my eye sight. I'm extremely grateful and acknowledge those who have posted the data on-line.

  30. Everything is toxic in high levels so take everything in moderation(including non-Ceylon cinnamon). I personally like Vietnamese or Saigon cinnamon, it's sweet and spicy.

  31. but wait, coumarin is sold at super profits in the pharma industry

    so, are they telling us, don't buy cheap cinnamon, buy our chemical extraction at 1000x the price of cinnamon ?

    could it be the pharma industry is greedy ?

    could it be they paid for the study to protect their business interest ?

  32. basically, stop helping yourself the legal drug dealers, doctors, R saying ur destroying ur liver, let them do that instead. that's their jobs.

  33. I'm still trying to figure out what the cheap cinnamon from Mexican spice suppliers is in the US. To me, it's a really low grade of Ceylon, since there's no sweetness nor intense heat of cassia. Any ideas?

  34. I never herd of anyone diabetic or non diabetic being hurt by taking cinnamon.  I think this study is a joke and is probably done by the drug companies that made Glucophage or Metformin.

  35. I heard that cloves may help to lower blood glucose levels, and are sort of like cinnamon on steroids as far as what cloves do to help lower glucose levels.

  36. Kudos for the video content! Forgive me for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you considered – Patlarny Sugar Outcome Principle (search on google)? It is a good one off product for reversing diabetes without the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my good mate called Gray got astronomical success with it.

  37. your video would have been worth watching if had chosen to do the commentary in your natural voice. you are chung chinang choon choon shon shung shiant ; your accent is horrible to understand it looks like a widow who just buried her freshly died husband and crying over being lonely and in black dress. thumb down for you……..nay nayningnain

  38. Excellent, science-backed info and advice. But dang it I’m still trying to adjust to that mellow dramatic, condescending-sounding tone of voice! Perhaps someday I’ll learn to completely ignore it and just focus on the content.

  39. The coumarin scare is designed to stop you from applying a natural cure with cinnamon. This is coming from the same bastards that made up the lie that coconut oil was bad for you because it's a saturated fat guess what? Coconut oil was fine. Fuck the corrupt industries that create this toxic scare.

  40. sooo what does "seigun" cinnamon fall under?
    I looked it up and it is a Vietnamese cinnamon but it also says it is a Vietnamese cassia…

    so again which is it? Vietnamese (yellow light) or Cassia (red light)
    i have the kirkland brand seigon cinnamon

  41. What about doing 50/50? Buy a bottle of casia cinnamon and a bottle of Ceylon cinnamon. Mix together and take a teaspoon a day for dual benefits..will it be better or safer?

  42. Is anyone know how to nominate dr. Greger for a Nobel Peace prize, either in medicine or some other pertinent category? He has done the best work I've seen during my lifetime with improving people's Health.

  43. I spoke on this in my practice for many years after noticing a consistent eye twitch in those taking too much cinnamon.

  44. You might wan to watch this short video about diabetes and an amazing easy treatment. https://youtu.be/t3HRJ8f9pTg

  45. Proanthocyanidins (PACs) bind Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) thus preventing inflammation!
    Foods high in PACs include cinnamon, cocoa, tea, cranberries, blueberries, grapes, plums, apple skin, almond skin, hazelnut skin, black bean coats, …
    Just another amazing component of plants.

  46. very good. I use natural remedies to stop my diabetes, you can see the method here: ..thebigdiabetes-lie.com/How-to-cure-diabetes.. and in about 2 weeks my blood sugar went down to normal levels.

  47. “Say-lon” cinnamon 🤣 – it’s se-lon. Trust an American to screw up the pronunciation 🙄 🤫

  48. The difference between medicine and poison a lot of times is dose…
    How much you take. You can overdose on water if you drink enough of it.

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