UR Medicine Urology

– Very simply, I like helping people. – I want to treat them like family. – They’re the reason we do what we do. – Each one comes with their own
background, their own needs. – They know that they can
call me day and night. – I can’t imagine doing anything else. – I’m a urologist.
– I’m a urologist. – Urologic oncologist.
– Pediatric urologist. – We deal with a variety
of organs in the body. – Thing such as recurrent
urinary tract infections. – Reconstructive surgery.
– Kidney stones. – Prostate cancer, bladder
cancer, kidney cancer. – Minimally invasive surgery. – When patients do come to see us, they’re not treated as a number. – You can get people
who are world-renowned. – I will recommend to them what I would recommend to my family. – I sit and I listen and I pay attention. – Once you make that first step, I got you, we got you. – That person is the most
important person in the world. – That feeling of I’ve
helped someone today. – I love it when patients come in and say, oh, I feel so much better, thanks, doc. Who wouldn’t love that? (upbeat music)

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