Urgent Care Physician Assistant: Christopher Clark, PA-C

My name is Chris Clark. I’m a physician assistant, and
I work at Duke Urgent Care. The patients that I take care
of are young and old, all ages. The more common things would
be just the common cold or the flu, sore throats, sprained ankles. Basically, an injury where
someone’s not sure if they need to be in the emergency room. And oftentimes, it can be handled
in the urgent care setting. I think oftentimes,
patients, when they come in. They think the only treatment
that they should be getting, should be in the form of a prescription. And I think, looking at my patients,
being able to look at them as a whole. And tell them,
there are actual lifestyle changes and things that you could make,
that would make a huge difference. You might not even see me again for the same issue, if you’re able
to make some of these changes. And being able to educate on that level
with the patient makes a big difference. Versus just walking in and saying,
here’s your script, good luck. The favorite part of the work I
do is problem solving for people. When you’re dealing on the personal
level that we deal with, as providers with a patient
on that one-to-one level. And really being able to be involved
in what’s going on in their life, and being able to make that
change that’s palpable. And they can take that treatment plan,
or advice, or whatever it is that we do and talk about
in the room, and apply to your life. And then maybe I get to
see them at a follow-up. And it’s made a huge difference, and they can say, I feel better,
I’m doing better, thank you. Or they only have to say thank you. Just means, knowing that they’re doing
better is the most gratifying thing.

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