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  1. Sir mujhe uric acid ki problem hai aur mera lever mild fatty hai
    Year me 5-6 bar whisky ya beer pi leta hu.kaise thik karu

  2. Doctor sahab, blood donation ke bare me ek video banaye pls. Aur uske sath jude huye common myths

    Bahot meherbani hogi🙏🙏🙏

  3. Sir anaj khane ke bad kitne der mein pet mein puchne ke bad pachta hai aur log bolte hain 18 ghanta lag jata hai yeah zara aap bata dijiye sir

  4. Hello doctor thank you so much for the information. I Liked your almost all video and will share too🙏 My serum urea is low (1.9) and does it cause any problem ?

  5. कोनसा प्रोटीन खानाचाहिए। व्यायाम कितनिदेर और कोनसा करना चाहिए।

  6. Thanks sir mane is Tarah ki video k intezar me tha sir mazeed video Ka intezar rahega very very thanks sir hamesha Khush raho

  7. Sir mera age 27 year h muche Left side chest me halka halka dard 6 year se hota h jab main gym karta tha gym karte time shayad jyada Bajan uthane ke karan huaa ho Kai doctor ko dikhaya kam ho jata h thik nhi huaa kya problem h ye kon si medicine lu sir jabab jarur dena thanks

  8. Sir.. dinesh thakur naam ke ek dr ne.. government ko letter likha tha jisme kha tha ki india main 50% se jayda dwaiyon main sirf choke ka powder hai.. kya hai such hai..

  9. मै बहुत तनाव मे हू सीने के दर्द से कृपया मदद करे
    मेरे सीने मे कभी कभी चुभन होती है और 2 -3 महीने से कभी-कभार पेट खराब है और उपरी हिस्से मे दर्द होता है छाती के पीछे पीठ मे दर्द रहता है । मै 5 – 7 मिनट दौड लेता हू और दौड़ने पर सामान्य लगता है

  10. Sir
    Aap har topic ko bahut ache se
    Explain karte he
    Ek request hai Hydrocele & Varicocele per Video banaye
    Thanx Sir

  11. Sir i am facing same problem.Doctors told me to reduce protein intake and stop gymming.I have one 3.3mm stone in my right kidney.Can you please help me and how much protein will be safe to build muscle.

  12. Sir old hemorrhoids blood is not stopped at all, it has been so bloody for 3 days that the body has become completely weak, only 4 grams remained blood. Please tell me the remedy for this. I am very upset…. Plz sir. 👏👏👏👏

  13. Sir, I do work in IT. Sitting for long time and drink less water. 6mnth before i had a pain in pelvic and kidney area and also fever. Did sonography and dr found nothing. Trested for UT infection. Now after 6 month i am facing Uric acid problem, my Uric acid in blood is 8. And joints are paining. Could not fast due to this. Do you think I have any serious problem? And do I need to do some test?
    Can I fast roza.?

  14. Sir morning me mera mooh se tonsillitis Nikal te h like stinky little stones..what to do now….I googled it where I found the name.

  15. Thanks sir, me protein agr jyada Lena start kru 1gm per kilo of body weight to Mera uric acid badh jata hai kya kru? Aur yaha Kullu me Himachal me Doctor milk and milk se bni sari items, sari Daal bgera bnd kra dete hai. Mera weight 92 kgs hai. Please guide thanks.

  16. Thank u so much for this video sir. My dad has high uric acid. It's going to help him a lot.. please make a video on severe sinusitis and how to reduce it without medicines by a healthy diet or may be any exercise to imorove immunity.

  17. Nice information Sir. I do regular exercise and take lots of eggs, chicken breast and low fat milk. As per normal chicken, twice a week. Should I worry about Uric acid problem ?? Sometimes during sleeping time, I feel unrest on the ankle and little pain.

  18. SIR


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