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hi guys Anastasia is back and today in this part of my video blog we are going to talk how you can master your CD in order to be more competitive during the match so you probably know about us clinical experience but it can be very challenging for foreign medical graduates and it's more beneficial I mean this information is more beneficial for foreign medical graduates and I will tell you the differences between the research position observer ship or volunteering position and hands-on clinical rotation which you can obtain in the US let's talk about the research position this is one of the best positions that you might obtain in the US and usually it's one year sometimes several years of research project it's hard to get this position but once you get it it's really good because you can get some publications in the end of the research project so you're going to be linked to a professor or attending physician who is going to give you a project that he's currently involved in and then you're going to follow some basically steps of the project and complete it and then get a publication so there are two types of research positions one of which is a clinical research and the other one is the basic science research so during your clinical research you're going to be asked to to do some survey among the patients and I want you to tell me how you poison yourself I can't why not because you're not my doctor to collect data about the patient then do a lot of statistics and stuff so this is kind of an office work I would say but then the basic science research position is different it's all about the lab so you will learn a lot about how to growth grow cell cultures how to do blotting how to cut the specimens how to stain them and you are going to have very good idea about how the basic science works and you can get very good publications from that the publications are not required but it's highly highly desirable for very competitive specialties what is the hands-on clinical rotation that's probably the best experience that you can get in the US and that basically means that you can participate in the patient care with other medical students and residents as well and this is the same experience that American medical students get during their clinical rotations you can talk to the patient you can do some physical exam you can do some medical procedures and that will show in your CV that you're actually very familiar with the clinical setting in the US hospital and you can get very good recommendation letters from this experience as well unfortunately these positions are not free you have to pay for them in most of the places and sometimes they are very expensive so if you're willing to pay for that that's probably the best position you can get what is observe ship that's a different clinical experience but still very valuable and the only thing you can do basically just follow the clinicians or medical residents and observe what they do how it lasts 48 hours you're interns grunts nobodies bottom of the surgical food chain you run labs write orders work every second night until you drop and don't lay but still you're inside the hospital in your own words and you can see how clinical practice is structured but you cannot talk to the patient's you can you cannot review early their lab tests or images and other stuff but you can get very good letters of recommendation if you prove to attending physicians that you're very willing to pursue the career that you're applying to a volunteering position is I would say the least valuable among those that we already discussed but still don't get disappointed if you get this position because yes you are going to work in their office and you're going to deal with the paperwork that was supposed to be done by the program coordinators or the research coordinators but yet if you are in the hospital you have always a chance to prove to other people that you are very willing to be in medicine in the US now you're watching me and thinking okay fine but what am I supposed to do how am I going to find this experience I'm sitting here on the couch at home we're having no connections at all and how am I going to find those people who are going to provide me this experience you're looking for a job a menial job like yours well there is no uniform recipe that I can share with us a look do these in that and you're going to get it no unfortunately there is not but what you can do if you have a friend let's say a medical resident or someone who works in research in a lab or even a physician working in a clinical medicine ask them to ask in the hospital about the announcements because sometimes the labs they announce about open positions in research for instance and this is the way how you can get there if you have no friends or family members in the hospital you can just go online and find the webpages of the hospitals that you are willing to go and find the head of those departments or program directors and email them work hard on your CV make sure it looks very good and attached with every single email your CV saying look I really want to be in your department I've done this and that I'm very dedicated person please take me and you may send thousands of emails but one will work probably so really work hard and you are going to get it now you are in the hospital you got your position in the research or observer ship or a clinical rotation fine but you have to make sure that you create a very strong connection with at least one physician over there don't try to run around trying to be helpful to other people don't do that remember why you got there to get a letter of recommendation so after you get the position and then closer to the day that you are supposed to finish around one week before you finish approach a physician that you've been working with closely and politely ask for a letter and there is nothing wrong there sometimes physicians even don't know why you're there I mean maybe you are traveling around you like to see the practice in other countries they don't know so ask politely please could you write for me a letter of recommendation so there are two types of those letters one of which when you waive your right to see the letter and it basically means that you have never seen the letter you have no idea what kind of personal characteristics are listed there you can ask for such a letter from a person whom you really trust otherwise you may not waive your right to see the letter and then you will basically review that letter which is considered to be less valuable but either way it's a letter so make sure that after you complete this clinical experience get at least one letter of recommendation I do appreciate you guys are watching me if you haven't done so please subscribe to my video blog on / seed and next time we're going to talk about the competitive specialties and how you can increase your chances to get matched into those 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  1. Hey thank you for making this video it's very helpful. Can you please take a minute and tell me if it's essential to appear in USMLE step 1 before applying/doing hand on clinical *rotations (not observership or research) as an IMG ?

  2. Hi I am an IMG from India having MD in seems there are very few observership programs in pathology ,so can u pls suggest me anything that i can do to strengthen my CV..can I do pathology assistant jobs ?

  3. Im from india and have just completed my first hands on IM rotation in NY. My mentor guided me through all the steps to get USCE and was very patient with me and answered all my questions. now i have 1 LOR and will start rotation 2 very soon!!!! This video gives good good advice! feel free to email me if you would like info or my mentors contact info. [email protected]

  4. Your videos always helpful thanks really. But I wanted ask you that there is some saying that it's best to apply for electives during your 5th year but you said after…..sorry i really confused. And what exactly we should write in emails to get their attention

  5. I have a question for you if you don't mind. Reseach VS externship in private medical center? what should I choose
    thank you very much

  6. Hi, your video is amazing. I'm IMG, I would like to know: What score is necessary for to get a neurology residency? Is Neurology residency hard?.
    I hope you can help me.

  7. I am in my 4th year mbbs(studying Pathology,pharmacology,microbiology )in dhaka …I dont know anybody in US and I am from a middle class family. Pls suggest me the best advice for me to get USCE and the road to residency ….(just make a short para)…pls it would be a lot help if u allow me ur gmail so that I can contact u

  8. very effective video. thanks a lot.i am an immigrant and img .how could i able to do observeship in Mount sinai?Thanks in advance anesthesia

  9. Thank u so much for such useful information, but i have one question… is beneficial to do research, internship, observship ,etc. outside the US ???? Or it should be in the US?

  10. I would argue that one have to send a cover letter first without any garbage (like CV) attached to it. One should not be overly pushing, and definitely should not be begging them for a position.

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