User-friendly Technology – Redimark TC12 Thermal Inkjet Date Coder

When you talk about small character inkjet coding only one product is powerful versatile and yet simple-to-use. Redimark TC12 provides an engaging
user experience for fast code creation that will have you date coding your
product packaging within minutes. The intuitive user
interface has been designed to simplify the setup process to eliminate confusion
and errors to save you time. Do you own a smartphone? Redimark offers an app that lets you add an image thumbnail to easily identify your stored product code.
Redimark app is available on iTunes and Google Play. Don’t hold up your
production line searching for the right code with visual identification code
selection is accurate and fast. Never lose any code files again for
safekeeping the code library and coder settings can be archived and recovered
over the cloud or on a USB memory device. Now that’s remarkably simple why not
learn more about the Redimark TC12 date coder at and try
our product advisor to find the right solution for you

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