Using electronic prescriptions in an independent pharmacy

Hiya, my name is Yasin Patel and I’ve been
a pharmacist for five years now and I work at Brownhill Pharmacy which is based in Blackburn. I’ve been involved with the Electronic Prescription
Service for six months now, I think it’s an excellent service and I wouldn’t go back to
the old way at any cost. To begin with it was quite daunting, and we
were quite apprehensive as a team to embrace the changes in the NHS. But as time has progressed we’ve become more
confident with the service and we would recommend the service to anybody. The advantages it has had to me and my staff
is that we’ve been able to streamline the workflow so the majority of the work is done
first thing in the morning so it frees up my time to deal with customer queries without
being broken off. We download prescriptions every 15 minutes,
just in case there are any acute prescriptions waiting to be downloaded, the patients can
walk in and their prescription is there waiting for them to collect. Previously patients had to wait up to 48 hours
from the time they ordered their prescriptions to the time they could collect their prescriptions
or have them delivered. But what we’ve noticed is that we can have
the prescriptions ordered, ready and delivered within 24 hours which has had a significant
effect in terms of reducing the emergency supplies we do. We deliver 50% of our prescriptions, and now
because of the electronic prescription service we can coordinate and rationalise our deliveries
so we are saving petrol, we are saving time and in essence we are saving money. So in terms of nominations we targeted certain
groups of patients who are on stable medication, and are on repeat prescriptions month in and
month out. We handed them a leaflet and talked to them
about the electronic prescription service. We tried to explain to them the benefits of
the electronic prescription service. I’d say the majority of the patients did welcome
the new service and did sign a consent form for us to be involved, or for their prescription
to be done electronically. During an average month we do about 5000 items
a month, and I’d say about 900 to 1000 items are done electronically now, so that’s about
a fifth of our prescriptions are done electronically. It’s made a significant difference in terms
of end of month prescriptions, reimbursement claims and endorsements on prescriptions. It’s freed up a lot of my time and my staff’s
time, so that the claims are made electronically. I don’t have to double check each and every
single item on each and every single prescription. Last month, when the owner of the pharmacy
did check the statement from the PPA (NHS BSA) he found that the exact number of claims
made electronically was the exact number of items that we got paid for. So that has made a significant in terms of

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