Using Student Health and Counseling Services

Welcome to UC Davis. This video will introduce you to the UC Davis Student Health and Wellness Center and North Hall, they’re the two primary locations for
health and counseling services here on campus. We’ll also show you how to use these resources,
and what to do before you arrive in Davis. Student Health and Counseling serves all UC
Davis Students. “Maria?” We’re here for all the reasons that you visit
a medical provider at home. If you wake up with a sore throat, if you
fall off your bike, or if you routinely visit your doctor at home for other ongoing issues,
we can help you with that as well. “Come on in here, Maria, and have a seat.” All students are eligible to come to Student
Health and Counseling regardless of their insurance plan, but if they have the Student
Health Insurance Plan we also call SHIP (Student Health Insurance Plan) that covers most of
what we do in-house. For a student who doesn’t have that insurance
plan, a small fee can be charged to their student account and they can seek reimbursement
through their own insurance if they choose. Before you leave your home country, go to
you medical provider and have an exam. Go to your eye doctor, especially if you wear
glasses, maybe get a new pair of glasses to bring. Go to the dentist, just make sure you have
had everything checked out so that you can be successful and healthy when you come. If you take prescription medication, it’s
very helpful to have a list of that and talk to your prescriber. Especially make sure that medication is available
in the United States and can you get a supply that will last you until you get here. There are immunization requirements for all
students starting at UC Davis. You can go online to our student portal to
upload your immunization information. We might require some immunizations that aren’t
available in your country – that’s ok, you can get those when you arrive to make sure
you meet the requirement. UC Davis is a smoke and tobacco free campus. We can help if you need to decrease your smoking
or quit smoking. North Hall is the central hub for counseling
services. Students come for a whole range of reasons,
things like stress, things like cultural adjustment, relationships, improving communication, depression,
anxiety, those are some of the reasons why students come to talk to us. “Have a seat, make yourself comfortable.” So our services are free for all registered
students, regardless of what insurance they have, because we want to make sure that students
have access to this important resource. For those of you who are uncomfortable seeking
counseling services, I want to assure you that this is a safe space, and an important
part of your academic success here at UC Davis. Our services are confidential, which means
that our counselors will not share information shared with them. To schedule and appointment, you can come
in during normal business hours, you can call for an appointment, or you can schedule online. We’re here to help you with any health needs
you might have. I really encourage you to utilize the full
range of resources here. Welcome to UC Davis, we’re very excited to
support you. For more information, visit the Student Health
and Wellness Center website at We’ll see you in Davis.

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