UT Physicians – June 2019 Employee of the Month

Joe is a great worker.
He helps everyone, he’s always volunteering for everything. Whenever we
have a project that’s not part of his scope, he is there. The customers are his
number one priority, which is really what MSIT is all about.
Joe is one of those people that he’s always has a smile on his face, he has a
great attitude, so no I’m not surprised that he got it. I’m very happy for him
though. We unexpectedly had an employee leave the team and they had a very large
department with a large number of machines named to be replaced and we
tasked Joe with getting that done and without issue, without complaint, he
got it done expertly. Even when things get tough, he could stay in a good mood,
long work hours sometimes we have to work outside of our regularly scheduled
hours and he’s always there with a smile on his face to get things done. I get
to do one of our little surprises that we get to do, which a particular
individual in this room was nominated and is now going to be awarded for
employee of the month for going above and beyond for their
service to support the clinical enterprise, UT Physicians and you’re all
looking at each other like “Who is it? Who is it? Is it me? Is it me?” So you may want
to walk around this way. So I’m gonna get to come over here and
pick on a friend, you know and give you a check for $500 for employee of the month. Thank you so much. For all the work that you do to support the clinical enterprise and then an employee
of the month plaque that you get to put on your car and run around town showing
everybody about it what a wonderful service that you provide to
the clinical practice. Thank you so much. Thank you. I appreciate everything you do for us.

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