utilise cette boisson pour gargariser la bouche ,ca apaise les douleurs et maux de dents

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could see in the title, you know what what we are going to talk about, sometimes we say we take the right drugs,
in the right way, and yet nothing is going our situation is getting worse, I’m doing this
video because I just saw on the page of a African naturopath that had to be used
Selim pepper to get pregnant, and yet my mother always told me that this
was a double-edged knife, the lady said it was necessary to crush this with
djansang and purge themselves with, hummm my loves, listen to this please … The black pepper (Xylo-pia aethiopica), also
known as Uda by Igbos in Nigeria, has other names like Senegal pepper,
Selim pepper, Ethiopian pepper, the chilli of Africa. Uda is a big tree
aromatic evergreen, reaching a height of 20 m high, present in Africa,
in Brazil and South America. The negro contains flavonoids, alkaloids,
cineol, phytosterols, tannins, saponins, glycosides, carbohydrates,
β-pinene, paradol, α-terpineol, terpinene-4-pinocarveol, limonene, linalool
and myrtenol. Uda is used as a spice to flavor
foods like soups, yams porridge, stews, sauce, meat
and fish, etc. It can be ground or used as a whole. The seed, the
stem and bark of Uda can be used to prepare medicinal plants.
Black pepper (Uda), like many others plants, inhibits male fertility and
female and can become a contraceptive natural. The world is indeed endowed with plants that
provide a solution to various diseases. The plants and herbs like Uda (black pepper)
have been used to treat and manage diseases due to its phytochemical constituents
high. The many side effects of modern synthetic medicine have encouraged
people to go back to roots and herbs, just like our ancestors. a wide range of biological activities,
including insecticidal, antitumor effects, anti-asthmatic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial,
hypotensives and vasodilators IN CASE OF THIS, VISUAL PROBLEM, he
just prepare yourself an infusion of pepper of Selim: 50 gr to infuse 5 min in a
liter of water. In Senegal, we add to this infusion 10 GR mint, 10 GR Lemongrass and
AND A HALF GLASS EVERY MORNING FOR CHILDREN. The black pepper also has the ability
to provoke an abortion in women pregnant.the aqueous extract of black pepper
can significantly reduce the hemoglobin concentration. Moreover, he
also increases the bleeding time and coagulation and reduces the number of
white blood cells and corpuscular hemoglobin mean.c is why it is essential
do not use it in case of pregnancy .
on the other hand it will seem contradictory but listen to this, if you ever wish
to get pregnant you can use it. The dried black peppers are usually
used in traditional medicine to increase menstrual blood flow. he
can also be used to treat amenorrhea, which is an abnormal absence
menstruation. More contradictory yet How to use
black pepper (uda) as a natural contraceptive TAKE 100 GR
Wash and empty the water Put the seed in a saucepan and pour
about 60 cl of water. Boil for 5 minutes and leave
cool Filter the liquid and pour into a container. keep
in a cool place or preferably at fridge.
Drink a glass of concoction properly shaken immediately after intimacy
to prevent the design. Some women also prefer the
to take before intercourse (this is because that some sperm are stubborn). In conclusion, its use is very complicated
and these instructions are to be respected by the magnifying glass because it’s like any dose
lower is INUTILE, high dose ca becomes a poison
But still To enjoy all these benefits, it is enough
to prepare an infusion of pepper Selim: 5 seeds to infuse 5 min in one
liter of water. In Senegal, we add to this infusion of mint, lemongrass and
cloves for a still decoction more effective against all the evils already
cited. the use of this EPICE requires a
good knowledge of the dosage of toxicity, purity, appropriate extraction solvent
and side effects. Use prolonged Xylopia aethiopica (uda)
without adequate supervision of its use may have adverse effects on the reproductive system of
the man by affecting the numeration, the moBility and the viability of spermatozoa An infusion of the bark of the plant and
fruit is used in the treatment bronchitis and dysentery disorders. he
is used as a medicine for pain , fever. 
is used to treat asthma, stomach and rheumatism. 
The powdered bark is used to treat ulcers. The root of Xylopia Aethiopica is aromatic. he
is used as a mouthwash for Teeth ache. Gingivitis, pain
dental, dental caries, if you ever suffer from severe dental pain,
carious teeth, oral problems, I just advise you to count 5 seeds
of Selim, to infuse it in a liter of water you are going to make your mouthwash
as much as possible with this, make some gurgles and spit out, do it all
hours, every two hours, or even when you feel pain because
it’s just going to have multiple effects, effect number one will alleviate the pain, effect
number two it will fight the infection of inside, and much more, externally
as a dressing for wounds, gingivitis and in the local treatment of cancer. 
A decoction of leaves and roots is used as a tonic. He treats fever
and crazy. A leaf decoction is an emetic. he
is used to treat rheumatism. THE SHEET Powder is used to treat
headaches. The fruit of Ethiopian pepper or Xylopia
Aethiopica is very effective. It is carminative, purgative, antitussive, Fruits act
as a tonic recommended to women who have just become mother because it will clean
the pelvis, of all remains after childbirth for this boil 100 g of pods
using a pear make an internal purge while the water is still hot, make
this every morning, this will allow a the uterus to quickly find its place,
The seeds have medicinal properties different.The ground seed increases the
milk circulation in lactating mothers. A seed extract treats WOMEN’S worms,
INTESTINAL WORMS, THE TENIA, THE ECO PILORI in the body. The crushed seeds are
used for headaches and neuralgia. Selim pepper has properties
antiseptics, expectorant healing and effective antitussives in case of colds,
bronchitis, flu, dysentery or asthma. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a relief
for rheumatism, stomach ache and mild pain. Diarrhea
relieves hepatic INFECTIONS and allows to prevent toothache. Other benefits of Uda
1. UDA can be used as a stimulant herbal to treat problems
gastrointestinal symptoms such as upset stomach, dysentery and gastric ulcers. 3. The aqueous extract of Uda is effective against
Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. he can be used as an antimicrobial agent.
4. The black pepper can be used to relieve pain as it acts as a pain reliever.
5. The essential oil of black pepper can be used for the manufacture of products
cosmetics such as cream, soaps, perfumes, etc.
6. Xylopia aethiopica has properties anti-spirochoectal, so it acts
both as a preventive measure and in treatment of primary, secondary stages
and tertiary syphilis. 7. Black pepper has anti-inflammatory properties
and can therefore be used in the treatment arthritis, rheumatism and other
inflammatory conditions. 8. The anti-malaria properties of Uda in
make a useful tool for prevention and the treatment of malaria.
9. The phytochemical constituents of pepper black as flavonoids make it a tool
useful for prevention and treatment of cancer
10. The seeds of Uda are used to prepare food given to women
after childbirth to relieve pain, promote healing and breastfeeding. Other benefits of Uda
UDA can be used as a stimulant herbal to treat problems
gastrointestinal symptoms such as upset stomach, dysentery and gastric ulcers. the use of herbs requires good
knowledge of the dosage of toxicity, the purity of the appropriate extraction solvent
and side effects. Extended use of Xylopia aethiopica
(uda) without proper supervision of its use can have harmful effects on the system
reproductive of the man by affecting the number spermatozoa, motility and viability,
etc. In traditional medicine, he is famous
to be beneficial to eye health, especially against microbial attacks.
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