UVM Larner College of Medicine Class of 2019 Match Day

today is match day for the class of 2019 and
their theme was the match is right is really the culmination of their
medical education we celebrate where they’re going to go on for their
residency training you’ve come a long way and have already accomplished so
much they told me nobody does a match day like the Larner College of Medicine and here it is we’re going to UCLA UC Irvine Brown staying home University of Vermont Child psych at Cincinnati today it’s really important because it’s
one of those moments when you literally get your future handed to you
there are times on this journey where you feel like you’re going through it
alone but you really can’t do it without the support of everyone I want to see us
all support each other everyone incredibly well so it’s really good to
see that the energy in this room this is something else Stanford Cornell and we’re going to Yale everyone’s just so happy we’ve got a
place to go we’ve got a job to do we’re gonna be doctors which is just the
coolest thing it’s the best day of the year We are going to UCLA Beth Asia

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