Vaccines Don't Cause Autism: Healthcare Triage #12

in 1998 an article was published in the lancet that followed the cases of 12 children with developmental regression in gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea or stomach pain nine of these children had autism and eight of the nine had parents who thought the symptoms of their autism had developed after the vaccine for measles mumps and rubella or the MMR vaccine was administered this was not a randomized control trial nor even a scientific study it was merely a description of a small group of children to be honest it's difficult to imagine that this study could get published in The Lancet today but based on the beliefs of the parents of those eight children a frenzy of fear about vaccines and autism has ensued for more than a decade that's the topic of this week's healthcare triage let me start with some caveats I'm a pediatrician and a health services researcher I see kids with autism I treat kids with autism I've even been part of funded NIH research to improve the ways we screen for and diagnose autism and children it's a real condition that is increasing in prevalence and has a significant impact on children and families across the world I do not deny in any way that we need to do more about autism but it has nothing to do with vaccines and every dollar that we waste on that topic is a dollar we can't spend on important research or treatment to help children with autism and their families the initial article I mentioned in The Lancet was not a study it had no real statistics improved no association or causation but it caused so much concern that it went to a whole bunch of real studies to combat it just one year later in 1999 a study was published in the same journal no difference was seen in the age of diagnosis for those who did and did not receive vaccines that meant that either there was no association between MMR and autism or that it was to weaken Association to be detected even in a larger sample of children some were unimpressed they still were concerned in 2001 a study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that looked at data on over 10,000 kindergartners born in California from 1980 through 1994 the incidence of autism over at that time increased from 44 per hundred thousand births to 208 per hundred thousand births that's a three hundred and seventy three percent increase MMR coverage on the other hand rose from 72% to 82% a relative rise of only 14% it was determined in this study that the relatively small increase in MMR could not possibly be responsible for the huge increase seen in autos the next year in 2002 a study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine that followed all children born in Denmark from 1991 through 1998 they obtained data on over five hundred and thirty-seven thousand children born in those years they could find no association between the development of autism and the age of vaccination the time since vaccination or even the date of vaccination that same year a similar study was published in the journal Pediatrics it followed over five hundred and thirty five thousand children in Finland born between 1982 and 1986 it too could find no association between the MMR vaccine and autism in 2004 The Lancet published another study which matched 1294 kids with autism against 4469 kids without it they found no relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism in 2004 10 of the 12 authors of that first Lancet paper retracted to supposition that the MMR vaccine could cause autism this kind of thing is unbelievably rare in the medical literature an 11th author cannot be contacted before the retraction only one researcher the main one in fact held firm for the record that researcher is no longer licensed to practice medicine in the United Kingdom in 2005 a systematic review or study of studies examining the effectiveness and unintended effects of the MMR vaccine was published in the Cochrane Collaboration they identified 31 studies which met the criteria for their review after a thorough investigation even though the MMR could be associated with a number of side effects or other issues there was no evidence for an association between the vaccine and autism in 2012 they updated their work this time the research they found included five randomized control trials one controlled trial 27 cohort studies 17 case control studies 5 time series trials one case crossover trial two ecological studies and 6 self controlled case series studies all of these together involved about 14 million 700,000 children and all that data they could find no link between vaccines and autism because there is no link and another study no matter how many times you ask for one isn't going to overcome this massive amount of data humans try to make sense of the world by seeing patterns when they see a disease or condition that tends to appear around the time a child as a year or so old as autism does and that is also the age the kids get particulars they want to put those things together parents watch kids more carefully after they get shots sometimes they pick up on symptoms then but just because two things happen at the same time doesn't mean that one caused the other this is why we need careful scientific studies and as I've outlined here there have been many many such studies that have failed to find any real evidence to support the hypothesis that vaccines cause autism don't tell me it's the mercury in thimerosal that's to blame there has been no thimerosal and infant vaccines since 2003 and autism hasn't disappeared in the last decade this was all because of one paper a decade and a half ago that described the beliefs of the parents of eight children with autism and that's what makes the next part in this all the more tragic in 2011 the British Medical Journal released an article which described in detail how that 1998 Lancet paper wasn't just junk science it was a lie it described how the main author the only one who still supports its findings changed the records changed the stories and changed the numbers to create the appearance of an association where none existed the journalist who wrote the BMJ article tracked down the patients in the study and showed how none of their stories or information matched up to what was published in the final paper he found that there were discrepancies as to whether the children actually had regressive autism he found that there were falsifications and other symptoms that were alleged to cause the autism he even discovered that dates had been changed although The Lancet paper alleged that eight of the 12 patients reported symptoms days after the MMR vaccine the BMJ investigation confirmed that for almost all of these children that wasn't the case if that wasn't bad enough it turned out that all of the patients had been recruited by anti MMR campaigners the study was also commissioned and paid for by a group that planned litigation against the vaccine the British Medical Journal called the original Lancet paper a fraud it's easy to become cynical about people's loss of trust and understanding in science to the point that you think it's unlikely that we will ever be able to convince some people that the MMR vaccine is safe that's a tragedy in and of itself it's easy to believe that the perpetrator of this fraud will not suffer the repercussions he deserves many still continue to lionize him and believe him to be a victim of some powerful cabal it's hard for me to be dispassionate about those who abuse the trust people give physicians I get even more riled up when someone violates the rules of ethical science I think it's likely the children have not been given an MMR vaccine because of this broad I think it's likely children have gotten sick because of this fraud I think it's likely some children have died I hope we can find some way to change that in the future this episode of healthcare triage is supported by a leading provider of premium digital spoken audio 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  1. I wonder how many of these antivax people are overweight? Heart disease and obesity kill way more people every fucking day than fucking people dying every year from getting diagnosed with "autism"

    One last thing, go read up on autism diagnosis. Funny fact that as with Down Syndrome, that a lot of these women are older and in their thirties, early forties. Interesting! There's a stronger link to age than there ever is with vaccines. Fact is older women pop out inferior babies. It's just fact.

  2. Haha, almost 1/3 of people think this video is BS and that vaccines cause autism. Sad. Shocking that with all the studies, and facts out there, 33% of people are still FUCKING IGNORANT.

  3. Peanuts, popcorn, soft drinks, …. and article titles to search for:Government vaccine compensation payouts prove autism link   30 solid scientific studies that prove vaccines are linked with autism   Vaccines cause autism: Supporting evidence   Autism now costs U.S. over $236 billion per year (2013)   Assisted reproductive technology comes with a higher risk of autism, study finds   MMR vaccines cause 340% increased risk of autism in African American infants   Mercury pollution linked to 283% increased risk of autism in children; flu shots still contain mercury

  4. I think autism is caused by vaccines, with Hg and Al being the chief cause within vaccines, but that it's not limited to just those heavy metals.  I would like to know if parents with children with autism have or had the same type symptoms as mercury poisoning, or acrodynia.  I wonder how many parents' autism affected children showed any of the signs of acrodynia (mercury poisoning), especially in terms of skin symptoms like rashes or mottled pink/red and white spots on the palms?  Or mysteriously afflicted skin on the hands or feet that cracks and sheds, as is seen in image searches for acrodynia.  I also wonder if any pediatricians or specialists EVER test a child they diagnose with autism, for either methyl-mercury poisoning (blood test) or inorganic mercury poisoning (urine test).  There are likely an awful lot of houses contaminated with mercury from broken light bulbs.  I also wonder if any parents have compared the symptoms of mercury poisoning to their child's symptoms.

  5. Here's what I think:  If a person believes three New York City skyscrapers can fall to the ground in perfect implosions without an extensive inside job involving large quantities of very carefully placed explosives, then they can also believe vaccines have nothing to do with autism.

  6. The official symptoms of autism include lack of eye contact, speech and communication issues, and repetitive behaviors. So why are parents seeking treatments to help their children sleep, cope with anxiety, digest food, or end seizure disorders? Many, in fact, most, people with autism have symptoms that have nothing to do with social interaction.  – From the VeryWellHealth web article, “Symptoms of Autism Not Listed in Diagnostic Literature”.

  7. Signs of impaired immunity in children on the autism spectrum may include; cyclic fevers, compulsive behaviors, skin rashes or eczema, impulsivity, aggression, and bowel problems such as diarrhea, constipation, impaction, and/or blood and mucus in stools.  Quite a bit in common with poisoning from mercury or other heavy metals.

  8. The real discussion should be how parents would rather their children DIE from measles than risk getting autism. Like, what happened to the USA as a society that burying your child is the preferred course of action?

  9. Do a vid showing all the double blind placebo safety trials/studies done by The pharmaceutical companies. Im sure there’s tons of examples that show just how safe the vaccines really are. After all, you cant sue the companies even if you could prove harm. I hope all corporations go to this model so, we as consumers can just rely on the corporations best interest as our guarantee that their products are safe.

  10. According to the CDC guns save up to 5,000,000 people each year.
    I guess all pro-vaxxers are also pro-gun then?

    Hunger kills 26,000 each day, but none of you care about hungry people.
    Air pollution kills around 7,000,000 each year, but none of you talk about air pollution.

    Bad genes? Anyone that dies of cancer must have bad genes then?!
    What about people that need vaccines? Do they have bad genes?

    The idiocracy of normies is almost astounding at times.

  11. If there is no evidence vaccines are dangerous or cause autism why does all this information exist? Why have I found over 500 additional published studies documenting the dangers of vaccines and their adjuvants?

    Causal relationship between vaccine induced immunity and autism

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    A study published in the Journal of Biomedical Sciences determined that the autoimmunity to the central nervous system may play a causal role in autism. Researchers discovered that because many autistic children harbour elevated levels of measles antibodies, they should conduct a serological study of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) and myelin basic protein (MBP) autoantibodies. They used serum samples of 125 autistic children and 92 controlled children. Their analysis showed a significant increase in the level of MMR antibodies in autistic children. The study concludes that the autistic children had an inappropriate or abnormal antibody response to MMR. The study determined that autism could be a result from an atypical measles infection that produces neurological symptoms in some children. The source of this virus could be a variant of MV, or it could be the MMR vaccine.

    Doctors who explain clearly why vaccines aren't safe or effective.

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    Hundreds more doctors testifying that vaccines aren't safe or effective, in these documentaries….

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    13. Why We Don't Vaccinate –

  12. So vaccines don’t cause autism even if they did which they don’t

    Would a Anti-Vaxxer rather have a autistic child

    Or have a child that is severely sick or even have chance of dying from preventable diseases

  13. Well I got native blood and don't get vaccinated, haven't been sick a day in my life! I see everyone around me getting sick especially after they get there shots and sutch. You just can't trust people to put foreign things in your body!

  14. @Healthcare Triage I have to give you credit. I have challenged many doctors, and vaccine loyalists, to respond to my questions, and you are the only one who gave an initial response (although it was very generic). I’m genuinely curious. Have you listened to the 3 hours of recorded conversations from Dr. William Thompson? If so, I’m assuming you think the CDC’s senior scientist is an anti-vaxxer. No vaccine lover could conclude differently. So, why did I the CDC keep him? Why won’t congress let him testify if his arguments are easily debunked? How about Dr. Zimmerman now saying vaccines do cause autism in some children? That’s 2 of the most important voices in the debate. How about the head of the NIH saying she can’t say either way? Or, the IOM saying they can neither accept or reject a causal relationship? Have you listened to Dr. Stanley Plotkin’s testimony? I did. This guy is a superhero to vaccine-lovers everywhere. But, I sat through all of it. I have read dozens of studies on both sides the debate. Please tell me you have gone beyond the basic talking points in this video and did some objective research. After all, it’s not about winning the argument. It’s about what’s best for a generation of kids. I hope you make sure you’re on the right side of history here.

  15. ⛔ vaccin ROR et autisme ⛔

    Film VAXXED
    Sous-titré en françaisà-la-catastrophe

  16. Stop giving people “Tabaco Science “
    Vaccines Do Cause Autism!!

  17. I am an antivaxxer and I understand why they are saying the MMR vaccine (for example) does not cause autism. That's like saying peanuts cause antiphallic shock. Vaccines and peanuts are completely harmless to someone who does not have a contraindication (meaning an underlying immune system issue). Secondly, autism is not listed as an adverse reaction on the MMR insert but neurological disorder is. So therefore Autism specifically is not an adverse reaction to the MMR vaccine but if you look up Autism on Wikipedia, Autism is a neurological disorder. The whole autism subject is a sematic/legalese game, so as to not scare off customers. My point…have your child tested for the contraindications listed on the insert or it will be your fault if they are injured.

  18. If they don't cause, why the vaccine court paid more than 300 million dollars in damage to parents of children vaccinated?!…

  19. Ok , here's the deal. The gold standard for medicine safety is a randomised placebo control trial. All the drugs you take have been through it. The vaccine schedule has not. It's because they are "biologics". They can get on to the market without such tests. If you don't believe me then try and find a study or trial on the internet. You won't be able to. You will not be able to find one with an INERT placebo , which is very important because you need a proper "clean" control group.

    If you don't know what an inert placebo control trial is then for the vaccines/autism debate it would look like this. You take a random group of kids and you give half the vaccines and half just get a saline solution (does nothing). Nobody knows who gets what (apart from the scientists). Then the kids are monitored , tested for their health. One of those tests would be for neurological development issues (or what we call "autism"). Then you get to see if the rates of of development issues is greater or not in the vaccinated group. A fair test done under controlled conditions.

    Until you do a trial like that you cannot say that there's no link , because it's such an important trial.
    Here's a leading vaccine expert who has promoted vaccines all his life under oath in court….admitting himself that he cannot say as a scientist that DTaP does not cause autism.

  20. Not all vaccines are the same. Clearly some vaccines are causing autism. And likely reducing IQ of most young people as today most can't even use cursive handwriting. They're too slow to learn it now.

  21. The vaccinations in these times are the most DANGEROUS they have ever been, in the 50's they had like 2 ingredients. Now they have like 20.

  22. I've seen way too many videos of babies acting not normal post vaccinations, like seizures etc

    Big ol FUCK YOU

  23. Vaccines have been proven to cause autism. Go watch the latest 2016 documentary about it and the overwhelming proof that these soulless shells of humans have to commit mental genocide on an international scale, purposefully destroying evidence in order to reduce the apparent amount of autism cases that were actually found.

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