Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research VIPER Class of 2016

(melodic instrumental music) -: These are perovskite, actually, quadruple perovskite material involving calcium and… -: It’s amazing the things they’ve done, it’s like many of ’em, to be able to hear them get up and speak about their research, or the activities, they sound like second or third year graduate students. I mean, they’re very, very sophisticated. One of the major goals of the program was we wanted to prepare people to be leaders in developing technologies in science for alternative energy. So it’s really, we’re very, very happy to see how the program has progressed and it’s great to have our first class finally graduate. -: So most of the research I’ve done has focused on nano-particle systems, specifically lead selenide and lead sulfide using different ligons and types of film depositions to create solar cells. I’ve spent the past three years in working in Christopher Murray’s lab doing that and now my senior design project is actually aimed at using these systems in a new novelty spray deposition method. -: I remember each of these students when we met them as high school students and we talked to them through admissions but they’ve taken off as researchers and they really produced state-of-the-art research results that will actually impact alternative energy projects. So it’s really been a dream come true seeing them complete their four years here at Penn in such an amazing fashion. -: I will be heading off to Harvard to pursue a Ph.D in theoretical and computational chemistry and overall, VIPER inspired me to think big, in big scale, not just small details. I think that came from the fact that VIPER was a dual degree program ’cause it’s across college and engineering and that sort of gives you a dual perspective in terms of fundamental principles and also how to implement that to really solve problems, real-life problems. -: The students we saw today were quite incredible. They’re doing imported research and it’s being published. A number of these undergraduates are publishing in important journals, peer review journals and I think that’s extraordinary and I’m delighted to see that many of them in this program are at Penn because of the VIPER program. (melodic instrumental music)

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