Valentin – Boston Medical Center, Registration Services Representative

You don’t know, how long I waited to ring that I got a job at Boston Medical Center So making sure, you know, all the patient information is correct before patient comes to the hospital to see the doctor. I did my internship at Tufts Medical Center three months ago I was standing, as you are, asking questions. So if you are here for a strong reason, just work for it And put the work and go when you go out there in the internship, try to do your best, try to socialize with people. listen carefully, pay attention to detail, take notes and be tactful when you communicate with people. So, it will happen. Personally I would like to thank all the staff here at YMCA. [applause]


  1. Please join us in congratulating Valentin on his new position!

    Valentin tells us all about his new position at Boston Medical Center, and the journey he went through to attain it. Congratulations, Valentin and Boston Medical Center!

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