Valentus weight loss juice not coffee- see description

and good morning pumping out some great video hopefully this stuff is helping you and get educating you today when I do to the quick ball I’m at a coffee I ordered but today I’m doing the trim and the prevailed trim it’s almost like a I guess a 4g flavor and that really sure he’ll tell you I put it my iced tea at what time or I put it in even a sprite today what I’m going to do is I also these are flavored water but today I got powerade so I’m going to go ahead empty in the powerade it goes in there again utilize your garbage cans which is the floor of your car the end of the week it looks like a trash can down there take it no I could pretty quick sometimes it’s better if you have music on I guess maybe so you know and you stop nasally to turn on the radio all it is is commercials so all right you know it dissolves pretty good you get a little stuff down there you know tastes great um it tastes like a really just an orange powerade that maybe I end almost like a lemonade mix so it’s not really lemonade flavored it’s hard to explain but just kind of you know give you the texture so has the same effects the curb your appetite gives you a little bit of energy so you know hopefully everyone that’s watching these videos if you want to get healthy here’s my thing in every single day you guys are getting a cup of coffee even at your house you’re stopping by and getting a cup of coffee at McDonald’s Burger King starbucks whatever valenta sea level serves in starbucks with that met Jenny Craig so I mean they both worked fantastic or you’re going at lunchtime and if your work you’re getting a drink you’re getting a a Coke or a sprite or a diet coke or whatever so I guess my question is if you want to be healthy you want to lose a couple pounds um why wouldn’t you just get this an added again I have been at lunchtime it’s nothing hard to add that Beckett so I can I hope everyone is me up and I can get them the samples out to you I think you guys will absolutely love them and also if you’re looking for income opportunity for I tell people it’s really your retirement income yeah you can do it on the side and use it to pay down debt here’s no other finance person I don’t have insurance company but you know if you want to make this full-time that’s great if you’ve got a job already your work as you like it use this to build your nest egg and this is better than any investments i can give you because investments aren’t guaranteed but going i am getting a little bit of home cookin got a call coming in going ahead and get a little extra income just by sharing some healthy products is what you don’t think about everybody turns coffee everybody wants to lose weight and if you don’t fall into those buckets you probably have high cholesterol diabetes or other issues that you wish you weren’t on medicine for so why wouldn’t you want to share those toilet to the people and again you choose make a little extra money on the side and use that for your retirement use that money to pay down your house you then let me print kids college but again you have to realize that everyone is on the internet cell and garbage and i’m not going to ever be on the internet so and stuff I know there’s a lot of rich people but I have no problem sharing these healthy products and tagging my friends and family you know some people will say hey don’t take me on facebook and you know I got this my thing if they don’t want to share this helping product I’ve you know I get tagged all day long on cramps you know whether it’s a cat falling off of the door or a comment about Trump being horrible or Obama being horrible or cat kudos man just so much negativity but usually his facebook why would you just get the product is what crazy it goes twenty dollars to become around when you place an order so you place an order for a box of weight loss coffee get an extra twenty dollars one time in your reps and then just share it on your site with your family friends and loved ones you know why wouldn’t you want to share this product if it helps others so everybody has a wonderful wonderful day the message we text me call me there got okay you call me 1630 400 5445 you can go on to our site if you want to learn about the product its get slim with coffee dot-com ford / becca’s de ce cas that’s my wife’s name or if you want to learn about the opportunity there’s a five minute video that is experienced valenta VA el en tus calm ford / Beckett and a guarantee all our enjoy these videos and I hope you can join me on my journey and be a big part I’m helping all our family and friends get healthy have a great day everybody


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