Vanda Pharmaceuticals at the NFB 2014 National Convention

Hi, this is John Paré and I’m the Executive
Director for Advocacy and Policy at the National Federation of the Blind. I’m here at our 2014
National Convention with one of our top sponsors Vanda Pharmaceutical and Kate Holland. Kate,
tell us a little about Vanda Pharmaceuticals. Thanks John. Vanda is a pharmaceutical company
located in the Washington, D.C. area and we’re focused on developing medications for unmet
medical needs. Oh, that’s terrific! Now, there’s one that affects particularly blind people.
Can you tell me about that? Sure. We have an education awareness campaign for non-24
hour sleep wake disorder or non-24. And it’s a circadian rhythm disorder that occurs primarily
and up to seventy-five percent of blind people. That means you’re at the right place. You’re
at the largest convention of blind people that will occur anywhere in the world and
so I guess that’s why you’re here today. That is and we certainly appreciate our partnership
with the National Federation of the Blind. So thank you for all that you do for us. Thank
you and thank you for being one of our top sponsors, Kate. And we wish you well and we
look forward to working together in the coming years with Vanda Pharmaceuticals. Perfect,
thanks John.

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