1. It gets childish after all the stupid head tilting weird eye bullshit and touching their face everywhere but other than that pretty good.

  2. "hey cj, so for the feat we thought that you could have 20 sec in a 5 minutes long song, what do you say ?"
    "mmh that's a bit short eh ?"
    "no, its ok. and you'll have to cover your face with this mask too."
    "so people are not going to see me ?"
    "no but we will put your name next to the song's title, so people will know you're in, we will have more views on our video"
    "seems legit"

  3. The song is very good! but there's two singer and they have the same tone of voice, maybe one could do highs and one lows or something a bit different? kind of AngelMaker's singers

  4. I don't care about how much hate this comment will receive, but satanic metal like this is so……sad. God is so much more real and greater than all of mankind and myself could imagine and that fool lucifer cannot hold a candle to God the Almighty. I've seen so much of these Satan worshipping bands. This stuff is deadly and satan is dragging so many souls to hell by decieving people into believing that he is god or a God for that matter. I know because I was once into satanic metal but God pulled me out of it before satan could get his grip on me and pull me in to falsely exalt him. Jesus Christ is the Son of the One true God. He died for all of mankinds sins so that we would not die in our sins, listening to music like this that glorifies satan and go to hell, but so that when we die we would be forgiven of our sins, and made Holy like Him in His image and be saved for all eternity. For those that don't believe in Jesus and want to continue living their lives in sin will sadly only die to wake up in hell and then you will realize the truth that this stuff about God, Jesus, satan, heaven, hell, and the Bible was all real from what you heard on earth when you took it for a joke. You will see that it was not a joke and you will wish that you hadn't rejected Jesus because you are now finding out about the horrors of what a Christ rejecting life is awaited by on the other side of this life after death and by then it will be too late because you can't repent and come back. You have to repent now! I love you all in Jesus name. Please repent and come to Christ. For those who won't make it, you will unfortunately play back every part of life here on earth remembering every time a Christian reached out to you in love so that you could get to know Jesus and get saved. In hell you will cry out in unbelievable pain and suffering and torture for one more chance but it will be too late. Please DO NOT LET THIS BE YOU! For anyone who reads this comment and has any feedback towards it, negative or whatever (I expect it but won't respond to it) I will just pray for you and hope that ONE DAY, you will get saved so that when this life is over with and you have passed on into eternity you will be in heaven with Jesus and remember the day that you saw this post and took heed to it and actually got saved and rejoiced that you did before it was too late, instead of waking up in a devil's hell as a Christ rejector, remembering this comment and that it was all true about leading you to Jesus but it at that moment being too late…….for you to go to heaven. 😭😭😭😭 I love you all. Please accept Jesus before it's too late. I don't want anyone to go to hell. This is a comment to encourage and NOT CONDEMN ANYONE!

  5. This is good but it seems like the singers are just trying so hard to be evil especially the dude in the hat. It's too bad cuz CJ is bad ass and the dark imagery is great.

  6. cant believe my shitty band just played with these guys, Confessions of a traitor, and Feed her to the sharks xD

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