Vascular Surgery Physician Assistant: Daniel Geersen, MPAP, PA-C

I’m Dan Geerson. I’m a PA with vascular surgery at Duke. Vascular surgery, vascular medicine
is actually really interesting. I enjoy geriatrics. I enjoy a large gambit of variation
of patients and their ages, but I also enjoy working
with my hands in surgery. And I was wondering where can we
combine the two and through exposure, through education residency, I found and
fell in love with vascular surgery. Not only are you able to help patients
with those acute needs at that particular moment in time, but you also get to follow
them over the course of their life. You actually are able to develop
relationships with these patients and friendships over the course of your
lives together, helping one another out. I think patients when they come in,
they wanna know exactly what to expect. Where am I gonna go next? What are the decisions
the need to be made. I don’t think they particularly
want an answer right away. I think they want thoroughness. They want someone to be able to
dissect out what’s been going on and look at their health history. They want someone to come into the
relationship with some understanding of where they’ve been or at least someone
who’s willing to listen to what has gone on previously to coming there. They’re looking for someone that’s
gonna listen to their needs, what their concerns are, and then provide
potential solutions to the issue. I think for patients, especially when they’re coming with
complex issues, is to have patience. I know it’s difficult,
I know it’s hard, and they’re tired. They’ve seen numerous
practitioners previously and they’re looking for answers. And sometimes it’s just time that’s
needed to arise at those answers and provide them the care that’s needed for

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