Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge

[Music] innovate is definitely more than just play with animals using theoretical science and applying it in a vocational way is actually very satisfying so the course is a six year course if you’re an undergraduate applying from six one first and second year is basic science which is done downtown away from the vet school in the third year everybody who’s eligible will take a different subject ranging from zoology to English something that they’re interested in completely away from veterinary science and the fourth and fifth year a basic clinical sciences he starts having it under pending knowledge for veterinary science and then you’re moving to your final sixth year which is lecture three well chasing around the q vs h hospital away from that you’ve got to do a significant period of extramural studies so you’re out working in vet practices gaining skills it is the smallest of the vet schools but we see that it’s very much positive it means that we get the opportunity to spend more time with the students on on a one-to-one basis that goes for the first kind of three years where you’ve got the supervision system you do get a lot of small group teaching which is really good for your learning and development so once a week you’re literally spending an hour with somebody from your three main subjects the last five years we’ve had the clinical skill center and which is now foundation of our training there’s various equipment around that allows us to practice putting in and cannulas we’ve got suture stations so they can practice doing suturing and knot tying and there’s some wonderful equipment here where we can actually control what they see on the screen for the unaesthetic as if there was a real patient there in my final year I’ve been involved in treating of a cheetah from a local wildlife sanctuary I’ve been involved with people’s pet pigs thoroughbred horses that won races there’s such a wide array of animals that you’ll be involved in treating these are some of the courses that we use for teaching throughout the course they will be working with our teaching horses and doing horse handling skills and general horse management skills we have great facilities diagnostic capabilities as well which means that the students will see you know a variety and advance different techniques and procedures we’re at the epicenter of a huge research environment but we also have an on-site referral hospital with an internationally renowned specialists who are giving our students a fantastic training in the practical aspects of veterinary medicine what we’re really looking for an interview is a real passion for the subject I think it’s really important to have a really inquisitive mind we do need people who are academically able to to rise to that challenge but in the same way have a real passion for in my mind I wasn’t Cambridge material I was never gonna get in I only applied because my parents said well what’s the harm and standing off an application and yeah I’m here three months hopefully from graduating as a as a qualified vote the strong problem-solving ability and flexibility that our students have mean that they’re equipped for a diverse range of different careers there are so many opportunities we meet so many people have done so many different things with their vet degree and whether that’s the European specialism whether that’s research teaching government work I know students who’ve gone on to exotic animal medicine zoological medicine and also highly successful careers and general practitioners as well final year rotations is definitely the the most positive thing of the course you’re basically perhaps doing being a vet every day for a year and it’s what you’ve worked for for some people since they were 10 years old and you’ll find that people just about to do it you know you start to get the freedom to start to make clinical choices to be involved in case management and it’s hard work it’s long hours but it is very rewarding you

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