(Video 8 of 8) Omics: Advancing Personalized Medicine from Space to Earth

[ Music ] [ Music ] >> We’re entering a
revolutionary new period of personalized medicine. [ Music ] We’re going to be shifting from
treating people once they have disease to actually predicting
and preventing disease. We’re going to do that through
analyzing people’s genomes and making billions of measurements,
so-called Omics measurements that will be able to let us
see things in molecular detail. We’ll be able to enhance
people’s health while they’re healthy rather than trying to
fix them after they’ve got a serious disease problem. Omics is a discipline,
if you will. It’s the collection
of measurements of your biomolecules. It’s your DNA, your RNA, your
proteins, your metabolites and even your microbial. Together, they give you a very
complete picture of what you look like when you’re healthy
and also when you’re sick. What’s driving a lot of this
whole new era of medicine and health is this through
revolution and technologies. We’re using data, and big data,
to actually try and understand and manage people’s health. In the future, some of it will
come through your smart phone and other places to actually
better help you manage your health in a data-driven fashion. The biggest challenge is trying
to interpret and analyze all the data. What’s amazing about this
particular investigation is that we are bringing together ten
experts and all studying Mark and Scott, and basically
they’re each studying different components. And each, if you will, is a
different piece of the Omics puzzle. And our job is actually to
integrate all of those pieces so that we get a nice picture of
what’s happening while they’re healthy and when they go through
these various stresses such as being shot into space, living in
space, and eating all the space food, and even
returning back to Earth. The nice thing about having
these astronauts measured in incredible detail is we’ll see
what kinds of perturbations, what kinds of changes, if you
will, stresses actually cause what kinds of outcomes. And we hope to use that kind
of information to better manage people’s health on Earth. So by taking billions of
measurements, we’ll see what kinds of subtle changes can
occur or dramatic changes and then understand what kinds of
drugs or diet or exercise can be better used to treat people to
keep them happy and healthy. So Omics, we think, is going to
be a big game changer because we’re going to see things at a
resolution, at a level no one has ever seen before. We’re going to be able to better
understand when you’re healthy and when you’re sick. And we’re going to see how this
differs for different people. That is to say why certain
things make you sick but not other people and vice versa. We want to understand all these
things at an individual level so that we can best
manage health for you. And that’s really the power
of personalized medicine.

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