Video Australian Public and Private Health Care System nib Health Insurance Explained

ever wondered how it works when we get sick or need medical help in Australia we are looked after by a health system that has two parts the public part run by the government through Medicare is paid for by our taxes when someone like Alison for instance gets sick and needs to see a doctor or specialist get medical tests like x-rays or blood tests take prescription medicines or be treated in a public hospital our tax money helps pay for it there's a few things to remember about public health and Medicare Alison won't pay anything to go to a public hospital but she won't get to choose which hospital or which doctors treat her she might have to go on the public hospital waiting list and wait awhile for a treatment although if it's an emergency she'll be treated straight away Medicare doesn't usually cover the full cost of doctors visits tests and prescription medicines so Alison might have to pay some money towards them the private or non-government part of the health system is made up of private hospitals health insurance companies and other health providers like dentists if someone like ray here gets sick and wants or needs things like treatment in a private hospital ambulance trips dentistry eyeglasses and treatments like physio and acupuncture he can get them through the private health system and pay for them himself or get private health insurance to help cover the cost there are some things to remember about the private health system – ray won't have to wait on a public hospital waiting list he can choose which hospital and which doctors treat him and he may get his own room while Medicare will pay part of Ray's doctor's bills he'll have to pay for everything else if he joins a health insurance fund to help pay for his treatment he might have to wait awhile before he's covered that's called a waiting period so that's how it goes the public health system provides a basic level of health care our taxes pay for some or all of it and there can be waiting lists for public hospitals the private health system provides things the public system doesn't there's no public hospital waiting list but you pay for things yourself or through private health insurance so that's it for now look after yourself we'll see you around

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