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kiloohm idioma camel tonight a journey into a virtual world that's all around you but you may not even realize exists a world with a meek and mild can be brave and strong where it's easy to make new friends without even having to leave the house it is of course the world of online gaming and it's gobbling up the entertainment dollar eleague now both teams of players with huge TV audiences who consider themselves as true athletes so what is it about these games that hook people in and should we be worried here's my kreizel welcome to a virtual world you feel so immersed you absolutely forget what's around you population more than a video gaming world of design to get you hooked it's somewhere safe a global industry worth over 100 billion dollars playing at the moment which is Mad Max at the moment League of Legends but is there a dark side to gaming what's the longest in one go that you've played probably one and a half days honestly I've done like for a week I've played minecraft for about 20 hours before yeah I mean can you give it up are you addicted no anything I think it up I think I'm premature did know same same but different Alex and James monk are more than just brothers we're very very close they're twins you're living in your twin shadow and they're living in yours and things swap over a lot of the time people think that you're sort of the same person and share the same personality and things about them we're actually with two very different people that was James and this is Alex it sounds quite a talented gamer could you beat your brother oh we were pretty on par ATP is the twins have heads one shared passion video games were the activity that we did together most all the time it's the way we bonded together it all started when they were five years old I thought at the time oh yeah it might be something good for long car trips the dad bought them and then tendered Gameboy yeah it means to play supermario and one which might have sank the most time and T at the start I didn't quite know what it was about after a couple games I've I really enjoyed it next came computer games Playstations Xboxes and as the internet got faster so too did the boys skill by the time they were teens gaming was consuming them the longest time I've ever played in one Street could probably be about 16 to 18 hours there was you know some time where we played lego and jumped on the trampoline and such but those would just be relatively short breaks from gaming how much time did you spend gaming as much as I could until I'd get told to start pretty much weather a few dark times there's a parent dealing with this yes yes especially when the boys have been playing games too much and you've just lost them for the next couple of days while they recover the parents set parameters but the boys were good at getting around them in the middle of the night it would be bit of a flicker of light from underneath the the door of the bedroom at the door see a boy with a headset on in front of a screen battling somebody on the other side of the world yeah what about it he got caught yeah I don't have much to say about it yeah as a dick dude the twins were becoming more at home in the virtual than the real world look at James's eyes here he doesn't blink is it addiction or just a youthful the position was kind of a silent addiction compared to many others here in New Zealand the medical establishment is split over whether there is such a thing as gaming addiction both absolutely think it's an addiction I think it can be a serious problem Chris Jude psychotherapist James driver treats people who are addicts with gaming it's really easy to kind of just do that behind closed doors and because there's no physical limitations on it you probably don't run out of money you can kind of just keep on doing it and definitely and no one really sees what's going on he should know his university studies were almost ruined because he became hooked on this game I got to the point where I was playing pretty much sort of 16 18 hours a day so literally every waking moment I get up play the game stop for food maybe once or twice a day and that was kind of it that's all I was doing it's worth pointing out that by far the large majority of gamers lead normal lives in the fresh air of the real world but I think there's a lot of parents who possibly worry more than they need to I mean I do think it's important to take this seriously but there are kids are actually doing this schoolwork and have other hobbies and a socializing fine and gaming and you know probably it's not an issue for those kids but nearly 5 percent of gamers get lost there are red flags you typically find with addictions and the early stages that's more about feeling good you get a good experience you feel so immersed in the whole world and you absolutely forget what's around you you're usually the man in charge the the person at the top or you know the hero so it's very hard to feel uncomfortable there but as time goes by it becomes more about escape then pleasure people might start to become anxious or agitated or depressed irritable when they're not gaming so if I've been bullied or something then instead of dealing with it I might just play the video games take over your life I'd say so yeah the games were in control of me rather than me being in control of them it can't be hard for parents to know what to do it got pretty serious and that they were unable to really do anything else socially schoolwork was getting very affected are you worried that people might judge you as parents or your family yeah I am concerned about that in that say well we wouldn't let our kids get addicted to games that's just poor parenting but it's something that sneaks up and you don't know that it's there so what questions should parents ask why am i gaming or why are they gaming so it's about understanding you what exactly is going on that's that's causing them to game what are they getting out of it for the mug twins the gaming world was where they felt safe weather makes words stopping would mean leaving that all behind do you ever feel guilty about buying them their first Nintendo yes yes but I just really didn't understand myself how addictive they really were Blair didn't really know what to do where to find help and he's not alone there I get contacted from people all around the country because they can't find anyone local who's working with this issue there's just not help out there at the moment when we come back one of the twins goes cold turkeys I knew I had a problem and I needed to do something about it and just how big is this industry game use try enormous gaming is the biggest entertainment industry in the world you understand this world you first have to enter it there's wild and what you see is that gaming is getting real and the venue looks fantastic behind us we use don't get bigger than this in New Zealand this is making history right now real big ready to take down TV and movies in the fight for entertainment dollars in gaming championship it's called eSports an area of gaming that's hitting fast toward the mainstream two teams of five facing off against each other playing league of legends the most popular game in the world and players are absolutely willing to fight strategies live on Sky TV with sharp suited analysts and what they call shoutcasters and every show needs a frontman for the New Zealand gaming champs it's Diwali mood – tell me about this well this is New Zealand's premier eSports is silly so this is called the Hicks alone he wants to raise the bar for gaming here and in this along here it's basically the best setup you can get almost in New Zealand so you've got a custom-made gaming chair if you also got hit sit here and then down there is the best PC to make sure it's fast watching computerized characters fighting on TV might sound boring too son but the numbers show it's already challenging traditional sports for an audience will be bigger than some of the ropey as far as the NPC will be bigger than two cricket as far as the 2020 and will be bigger than some of the the nipple matches already in this country we even have our own national gaming team the e blanks are they efforts I believe that Ethel eats yeah you talk about their heart rate going right through you know the reaction time as quick as f1 drivers as an industry they're well aware of the potential for addiction we do feel responsible E and that's why we want to make sure that at the top level of competitive gaming that we paint the right picture for people so we're really mindful that our players are in this tournament do do other sports they eat right and that was in translate down to defects commercially advertisers are chomping at the bit over those fans as well as Sky TV the New Zealand gaming champs broadcast live on the twitch gaming website which is ginormous you can watch live games you've got influences you can watch the pro players train there would be 750,000 unique devices that are logged on to twitch it's a very very big platform that's one in every six New Zealanders is that any wonder do one thinks the numbers are on his side 98% of households have some form of gaming device so I think the young audience have grown up with it and you go up to sort of over 35 and people just don't understand it because they're not around it how old are you 35 so I just made the cut the crowd mirrors the virtual demographics imaginably more men than women are gamers but the girls are catching up Larry pups and the chicks this is Laurie and bhootish better known online as Laurie Pops at the beginning every night Laurie pops dreams live on twitch from they gertie playing games and talking about her life oh my god guys and more than 80,000 people from all over the world watch hi Laurie Christchurch Germany North Korea they are called the pop squad and they pay for the privilege I have three thousand dollars in one night before they was from the kindness of people collectively donating to me one after the other I just thought how amazing that all these people want to support me and help me fund my career what do you think's made you so successful I think it's my personality I'm a huge people person so that and I scream and make people laugh a lot but there's a generation divide here and some who just don't understand how big this world really is anyone of any age that doesn't know about twitch and I tell them they're just like he's serious my god I didn't know anything about twitch until and what do you think of twitch I'm gobsmacked that this whole thing exists outside that I knew nothing about and I'm a journalist I fail and while many parents worry about losing their children online for Laurie pops her virtual world is a happy place it's a safe place and they're very friendly a lot of people have messaged me telling me that I've helped them through hard times my ambition is to be an inspiration for people you can check out anytime you like but can you ever leave remember our twins well after 12 years gaming one of them Alex just wanted to go outside I went out for runs and things just feeling the wind on my face was just a great feeling to be back in the real world he had a couple of goes at weaning himself off gaming the third time around he nailed it with a 90 day detox how long have you been free from gaming now now would be about 265 days about yeah I don't know the exact number actually there would be about exactly 265 I keep a counter and to fill the gaming void Alex took himself way outside his comfort zone he worked on his fitness kept the journal wrote poetry took up photography and forced himself to meet strangers you know I didn't have the best social skills but eventually I just had to just go for it and then once I got into the rhythm it became a lot easier it shows how deep you were in the virtual world doesn't it yeah in a way because it just wasn't a natural thing for me to go and make new friends it's not a skill that I had developed properly give it a good school works picked up dad it is much better without a screen between us it works better in that you can talk about the issues of the world not just the issues of what's in the next game the downside is that the twins don't spend as much time together these days twin brother James is still gaming it's disappointing on my side because usually I'd played my games with Alex all the time just like two people games but once in permanently quit games then I had to go and search for other people to play with if I wanted to be social it's James an addict that's for him to answer are you an addict at times I would say yes when I when I just play them for no reason but differently at times of I'm just in control of it and you know what they say about turning your patience into your profession so this took me a long time to do for the animations James is already making his own games hopefully I'll be able to sell it by the end of the year or maybe sometime next year he wants to work in an industry that's already worth over 100 million dollars in New Zealand now I realize that I've spent a lot of time gaming and so becoming a game developer was something I wanted to do and so you need to play games to be able to be a game developer James wants to be a game designer now does that mean it's not addiction anymore I suppose if you go and work in the alcohol industry and you drink alcohol doesn't make you an alcoholic I don't know almost all of us live our lives through screens these days it's up to us whether we control them or they control us Alec smoke however is just happy to be back in the sunshine I wasted a lot of hours on it it's just a bit embarrassing because that's not the person I want to be so there's a game on the computer behind you yeah tempted no you're cured yeah I'd say so well if you have concerns about a gaming addiction we have information on the Sunday Facebook page and Lorie pops will also be live on our Facebook page straight after the show if you want to chat to her about the more positive side of gaming and if you want to see even more gaming TV and see Juke it's bringing you extensive coverage of a league


  1. There is no such thing as gaming addiction. The research shows there isn't. W.H.O. is corrupt and most recent DSM includes gaming addiction among addictions IN SPITE OF YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC STUDIES THAT DEBUNK IT. "psychologists" that want to provide treatment to this condition are vultures manipulating the worried parents into paying him money for ABUSING THEIR CHILDREN.

  2. Yeah right they manage their player's health! Big fat lie! The heart rates of gamers can get up to dangerous levels requiring hospitalization! Many gamers do NOT have other sports or other hobbies they physically or mentally engage in. Since when did you meet a professional gamer who climbs mountains every other weekend?

  3. I hate to admit it, but yes it is true. I have been addicted to video games my whole life, but I'm ready to do something about it. It may be too late, but that will not stop me from trying!

  4. The longest I ever played was 21 hours obviously I had toilet breaks as in I ran to the toilet had a piss and ran back lol

  5. I have no idea why I keep coming back playing video games since I have declared to myself that I would no longer play video games

  6. The best way I know how to solve the too-much-gaming crisis is to spend your time and money elsewhere. Be it college, working towards a career, or some job you absolutely hate (hey, it's something), because that way at least you're not being idle, sitting on your butt, and taxing yourself in an industry designed to hook and reel you in. Prayer and meditation to God will also help produce necessary results to expunge gaming addiction. It's something that is very very difficult to fight on your own, as addictive as sweets and as decaying as sugar in a soft drink….

  7. Wtf look at that laptop screen at 6:15 how can he even read the text? XDDDD. Pretty sure that’s a 4k or 2k screen running at Native PPI on windows. Should really be scaled by at least the 200%

  8. I see a future of millions of 30-year-olds, unemployed, out of shape and living with their parents, sitting on the couch playing video games.

  9. i wish i have to play video games everyday. interacting with fake people outside makes my heart ache than being addicted. the concept of it is the same as reality you strive you lose. in video games you strive you lose or win. its actually the same nothings wrong about it.

  10. ''Look at his eyes he doesn't blink'' Only 8 seconds shot, but okay. I'm addicted to games as well, but I at least know there's still a real world. I take breaks from gaming, but instead I watch other people gaming then LOL. I'm still scoring good grades for school and my addiction kinda helped me trough school and shit. So I'm proud and happy to be addicted to games and that I met a lot of friends online and IRL! I'm social, I'm addicted to games and I'm good at school. Why would being addicted to games be bad then?

  11. So he's addicted because he's not blinking that much? Amazing logic. And it's not that games fault geez just keep it in control it's not nicotine.

  12. I'm 24 now. Started with sega. Still play video games every single day. Not a day goes by where I dont think of playing. I'm at work and find myself thinking of when I go home how i am going to play. I dont go out. I dont drink. I sit at home and play. And I'm super happy.

  13. Currently, my 24 yrs nephew is working on me to give him my new laptop. Before Christmas, he was sleeping in his Queen sized bed (he now weighs 300 lbs+,) & rolled over, breaking the screen lid off his laptop. Attempts by me to get it repaired failed. He wants a new laptop. My new Toshiba laptop is my job/work machine & what I want used for playing online games. But my nephew's feelings of "Right to Entitlement" he should have my new laptop. I stopped bringing my laptop to the family house. When I leave my apt I make sure to conceal my laptop, remove the keyboard of my PC & hide them in case my nephew is brought with his parents to visit my apt. Yrs ago I learned to hide my credit card. Complaining to his parents about my nephew's behavior, they say they don't want to hear it. OK I don't have to visit with my family, I'm only there to help care for my 89 yrs mother. They've nearly cleaned out her bank account.

  14. Just shut up to all y’all that think gaming is a addicting you are truly retarded then you can’t watch tv if you think gaming is addictive it is the same thing look at this way it is a tv show where you chose the ending so if you are scumbag enough reply to me and if you support this comment and like this comment so more people can see

  15. There is a parallel between violent video games and pornography.They both are perverse in the sense that they both have visuals of people basicly being degraded or abused… If you think about games like GTA ..its is a killing simulator!

  16. I play for a couple hours a day but holy shit I could never sit down for 20+ hours playing games. Lol fuck that I like getting out of the house. My addictions unfortunately came in the form of pain pills. Believe me when I tell you drugs are exponentially worse than video games.

  17. Untill recently I have quit gaming. ( 3 months now) And life has been so much better. I go to the Gym, I travel, spend time with my girlfriend. Games are just pixels and I asked myself whats the point, of reaching a level in a game? What kind of bennefit can I get from that in real life? The answere is nothing. The only thing your doing is sitting behind a screen all day, and if you wanna look back at your life when ur 50, what you have accomplished in ur life, do you wanna say you : ‘traveled alot, hanged out with friends, done jobs where you are truthly passionate about, got kids and a beautiful wife‘ or: yhea i’ve reached max lvl on wow, got highest rank on cs go global elite, higest rank on rainbowsix siege and spend thousands of dollars/euros on games and gaming’? Ask yourself that

  18. That Overwatch game is poisonous. Sure it's a fun game but I've seen people waste their lives on that. I knew some lady from work and it seemed like we were going to start making things more serious and then she just chose to waste her life on Overwatch instead. Makes me sad that I can't do anything about it since it's what she prefers to do.

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