VILLAINS Part 6 – The Black Box Releases ZOMBIES! / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

– [Narrator] Previously on Villains. – That family will have
15 minutes from when the time the note appears
to find all these trackers. (laughing) – That sounds like the bandits laugh. – I don’t think any of us are going to be able to sleep tonight. – Look what’s on here. (suspenseful music) It’s a message that
says, you have 15 minutes to find six trackers. (suspenseful music) Guys we have 15 minutes. Let’s get looking. – [Woman] Just start tearing things apart. We need to find this. – Wait, this something? – [Woman] No wait. – Jake get your phone. (overlapping chatter) – [Woman] Nice try. – Here’s the tea. The bandits are on their way here. – Well of course. The genie didn’t tell us anything new. We know the bandits are coming. (yelling) – How did I not see that? (suspenseful music) – [Woman] Good job. Okay let’s get it back to this channel. (scratching) (suspenseful music) (laughing) (scratching) – Keep looking. – I found a tracker! – [Woman] No, did you just find a tracker? – In the popcorn. – [Man] I don’t think that’s
a, that’s not a tracker. Here let me see one of the real trackers. Let’s see if this comes up different. Guys that’s definitely a tracker. Okay. – [Woman] In here, in
the kitchen guys, go. (beeping) – [Boy] Search the kitchen! – There it is. There is a tracker. Yes, that is one of the trackers. Good job Audrey. – Guys, the footsteps are getting louder! They’re coming, they’re coming! They’re coming, the bandits are coming! – Guys let’s get out of the house. Let’s go, let’s run. Run run run run. – A tracker? – We found another tracker, just in time. (scratching) Wait we found all the trackers. – [Woman] You found the trackers? Guys that’s six of them. – We found them all. – [Woman] We did it. That’s all, right? – We did, just in the nick of time. – [Woman] Wait what about the bandits? Go check. – I don’t hear them anymore. – We beat them. – It’s the black box that’s next. – This is the last round. – [Boy] Hopefully. – You hear that? (suspenseful music) (gasps) – Guys it sounds like zombies. (suspenseful music) (thunder rumbling) – [Woman] Guys what was that? Where’d the lights go? Guys! Guys? (thunder rumbling) (groaning) (thunder rumbling) (groaning) – I can help you! Free me. (thunder rumbling) – David? Audrey? Jordan? Jake, Tai, where are you? What are those noises? Guys what is that? Oh no. This is so scary. Guys? Where’d you guys go? Where are you? I keep hearing noises, where’d you go? Audrey is that you? Jordan? Who’s there? (suspenseful music) Audrey? Audrey? (groaning) – Oh no. Oh no, guys. No. No. This can’t be. Oh no. Okay guys. This is not good news. I think that we unleashed zombies. I think my family just. I know this game. This is zombie base survival. The villains are the zombies. I have to find the survival items to escape and get my family back. Guys I just found something though. What is this? This will come in use. Okay zombies will be attracted to noise. So if I blow the horn, maybe
I could coral the zombies. I’ve gotta find the survival items fast. (suspenseful music) What is that? Hello? Who are you? – Hey! Hey! If you free me, I will help you. – [Woman] How long have you been here? – I will help you. – [Woman] No no. – Free me! – [Woman] I can’t, I’m sorry, no. – Free! – [Woman] No. – [Inmate] Free! (suspenseful music) (groaning) – Oh my gosh. No. We gotta go. (suspenseful music) Logan is that you? Logan? Logan where are you? Logan. What’s going on? What’s going on boy? Are you okay? Are you okay Logan, what’s going on? No! Oh no. Guys we gotta get out of here. No, oh no. We gotta go. (suspenseful music) Come on Logan. Go. (groaning) (horn blowing) That was so scary. I thought that they were going to get me, so I used the horn to
see what would happen. And it knocked the zombies out. That was really loud. Okay so far Logan’s good. I’ve gotta find Logan and
get these items pronto. Let’s check the basement. I didn’t see anything up here. I don’t know. I’m gonna get going. Hello? Is anybody down here. Where could items be? I know we need a walkie
talkie as a survival. (groaning) How many of you are there? – Oh hey I could help you. And it’s first aid you seek. – [Woman] Where? – It’s first aid. – [Woman] First aid? – It’s that way. – Hey guys, I don’t know
how many of those guys are chained up but I think
that we better get to the cemetery and try to find. We need to try to find the first aid kit. Okay. Whoa. Oh my goodness. (groaning) Oh no no. (groaning) Okay I don’t like that. We need to stay away. But it’s somewhere around here. Guys we need to look for a first aid kit. Oh no. Here’s the cemetery. Okay I’m not seeing a first aid kit. (suspenseful music) (groaning) I’m looking. Is there anything here? Guys. I just found it. Okay. This is great news. I just found the first aid kit. But I have a feeling that
I’m getting cornered here in the cemetery so I might have to use the air horn once again. I don’t know. I don’t know how many more items. I think there’s two more
items that I need to find. A walkie talkie I know for sure. We needa find that walkie
talkie so we can get help. Oh no! Okay. Oh my goodness. I had to use it. I had to use the air horn again. Okay so far so good. Where do we go? Where do we go? It’s getting really misty in here, oh no. – Free me! Help me! I need water. I need water. – [Woman] Where do I find water? – Water! – [Woman] Help me find the
water and I’ll help you. (groaning) – Come back! – [Woman] I will help you,
I have to get the water. I’ll help you. – Free me! – Okay. I don’t know how many
of those guys there are. But there are tons of guys
chained up around this house. I know I need to get to
the room and get water. (gasps) What was that? (suspenseful music) Oh no. Audrey it’s me. You’re not a zombie, please no. Audrey. Guys I have to. (horn blowing) Okay run past her. Run past. Okay we can do this. Oh I’m so scared. Water. Water. Is Tai there? I’m so afraid to go in there. Okay. No one’s there. Oh Logan. You scared me, okay. Okay guys I’m gonna
search the room for water. (suspenseful music) Guys, this is good news. I just found a canteen of water. Maybe I can see if that
old man can help me find the third item, I don’t know. I think I need one more item. (suspenseful music) Oh my goodness, I don’t know how much more of the air horn I have. Go away. I’m getting cornered. No! (horn blows) Okay I gotta run. (suspenseful music) Guys. Who is it? Who’s there? Who’s there? (suspenseful music) Okay. We’re gonna sneak past her. Let’s go down here. (groaning) (yelling) Okay let’s go down here. No no. (groaning) Who’s there, who’s there. No! (yelling) (horn blows) Okay I took down two of them right there. Took them down. Okay, there’s one, I got the other one. No no. (horn blows) Okay I got three. Oh no. Let’s go see the old man. Where’s the old man? I gotta find the old man. – Help me! – [Woman] Hey hey. – Help me. – [Woman] Sir where’s the last thing? What am I looking for? I got you your water. Look I got you water. – Gimme water. – [Woman] No if you tell me where the last item is, I’ll bring you, no! – It’s communication. (horn blows) You must find the communicator. – [Woman] The walkie talkie, I forgot. I gotta go look. Guys. – [Inmate] Help me! – Okay he’s right. I don’t know why, I just
was stressing so much that I forgot about the walkie talkie. This whole time I knew I needed the walkie talkie and then I forgot it. I’ve got two items. I need the walkie talkie left. And then hopefully my family
will turn back to normal. Where else would another one be? Oh no. Let’s check the bathroom real fast. This is so scary. Okay. Guys I’m gonna hide in the shower. Hopefully they won’t find me. Okay. Hiding in here. I hope that they can’t find me. I’m just hiding in the shower. It’s okay they won’t find me in here. I’ll be all right. Maybe they’ll just go away. Sh. (banging) (groaning) (banging) Sh. Guys I think it worked. I think they left. Okay you know what? There was a zombie in the office. I’m wondering if the
communicator is in the office. That makes sense because
if you’re at headquarters, you would be in an office. I bet it was the colonel
who turned into a zombie. I need to get to that office
and retrieve the walkie talkie. Let’s go. Okay, okay, I got this. Okay. Okay, okay. Okay. I got this guys. Let’s go. (yells) (horn blows) (horn blows) (horn blows) Oh my goodness guys. We gotta run. (horn blows) – Help me. – [Woman] I’m going. Okay. Guys I gotta find it in here. (yelling) In here, where is it? We gotta start search. Where is it? I see a laptop. Wait I just found it guys. Okay I got the three items. Let’s go. No, no. (horn blows) – Save me. – I’m sorry I can’t. Oh no. I can’t. (horn blows) I gotta get them back. I gotta get them back. (horn blows) Go away zombies! Go away! Guys I got all the items. Right there, that’s all three. (thunder rumbling) I did it. Guys we did it! I got you back! You were zombies, I got you back! We did it. We completed the last villain. That’s gotta be it. – I felt like I was asleep. – [Woman] You were all zombies. – What? – [Woman] That’s what the
last box was, was zombies. – Zombies? – Whoa. – [Woman] Remember when
we did zombie base camp? – Yes. – [Woman] That’s what it was. – Guys. – And you won? – [Woman] Yes I won it. – Yes! – Yay! – Look at the boxes. – [Audrey] The boxes are all up. – [Woman] We’re done. – We’re done with the game? – [Woman] We’re done. – We completed the game! (cheering) – Wait, what now? – [Man] Guys guys. – [Girl] Where’d the lights go? – [Woman] Wait what? – [Boy] I can’t see. – [Man] What’s going on with the boxes? – [Woman] Wait no. – [Boy] Did you hear that? – [Man] Are there new boxes? (beeping) – [Girl] Listen. (beeping) – [Woman] Oh no, not again. (beeping) (upbeat music)


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