Vince Lai, MD – Physician Profile

Hi, my name is Vince Lai. I’m an orthopedic surgeon with Signature Orthopedics and I specialize in sports medicine Sports medicine is a very rapidly evolving field techniques that exist today may not have been around 10, 15 years ago in my training I’ve learned the latest techniques in caring for the shoulder and knee I think what separates myself from maybe other orthopedic surgeons is my ability to relate to the patient I take the time to find out what they enjoy find out what makes them unique and find out what specifically they’re looking for when they heal from the injury and we can work together to come up with a plan to get them back on the field or even get them back into the office so that they’re able to do their job and go through their life without the pain they’re having Patient education is very important in my office actually the title of doctor means “to teach” I see my role as someone who’s teaching the patients about their condition so they know what they can expect in the future I really enjoy caring for the athlete I think the athlete is very motivated after they get the injury to return back to sports and that’s the most rewarding part of sports medicine is watching the athlete go from the injured state when they first enter your office and being able to step back on the field and play at the level that they were playing at

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