Virtual Reality in Medicine: New Opportunities for Diagnostics and Surgical Planning

for the miracle flagship project at the University of Basel we developed this virtual reality room what is unique about this virtual reality room is that for the first time we provide volume rendered images in real time which allows surgeons and radiologists to visualize their medical image datasets using volume rendering time they can walk around they can grab the object reposition it they can also change the size zoom in or zoom out rotate it at will so that they have the most comfortable and best view of the scene as an additional option we also gave them a cutting plane this cutting plane can be used to either cut through the volumetric dataset to for example cut open the skull or the ribcage for bed view of the scene behind it but at the same time I can also switch this cutting plane into the city mode so I have a plane which is can be freely moved around and visualizes the city the original city data set behind the scene and this virtual reality room provides a very intuitive way of positioning these cutting planes in 3d space during the project we realized that shadows caused by the objects are quite crucial for an increased depth perception in order to emphasise this we also integrated an over lamp into the scene this oval Encarna we switched on and we can freely select the brightness of this over lamp and if we move around this over lamp we can see that the shadows cost by for example the ribcage continuously change with the motion of the Overland and exactly these shadows are quite crucial for an increased depth perception this virtual reality room developed as part of the vana Siemens foundation-funded miracle project was only made possible with the recent development of virtual reality glasses as well as GPU graphics hardware of course combined with our quite unique volume rendering framework


  1. Hallo my dear. I will very interesting VR anatomy and I have questions about this.? I am a lecturer at the Medical Academy. I want VR anatomy. how can you get VR. Please help me.

  2. At part excellence Institute of medical science Expertisation on patients disorders Litreture open Google Doc Rajendra sheregar And see images videos litreture medical science institution

  3. incredible genius …..i cant arrange a phrase of how amazed i am ……which university is that and is it applicable in dentistry or only in
    internal abdominothorax ??

  4. Some doctors use VR to create a virtual reality modeling of a patient’s heart before operating on her. Some companies has already developed and deployed various digital treatments for patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease.


  5. Great and impressive VR application!

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