Visionaries of Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare

[MUSIC] A year before his death, Johns
Hopkins, a wealthy businessman, philanthropist, and banker
created a visionary plan for a university and hospital, that would forever change
the course of modern medicine. Today, Johns Hopkins Medicine
continues to set the standard for patient care,
medical eduction and research in a diverse, inclusive and
increasingly global environment. Less than a year after he
established the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. King ‘Abd Al-‘aziz Al Sa’ud
took a momentous step toward his vision of prosperity for the
new nation, giving instructions to his finance Minister to
sign a concession agreement with the Standard Oil
company of California. After nearly five years
of exploration and drilling, the subsequent
discovery of oil not only created the foundation of the
Saudi economy and the means to achieve the hopes an aspirations
of the Saudi people. But fundamentally reshaped
the modern energy landscape. >> At Ramco, a company whose
principal pursuit is not healthcare, has already built a
great foundation in healthcare. To couple that with the infilate
from Johns Hopkins and the expertise that we can lend
them to build a great healthcare system, is a very
unique opportunity. The overall vision
would be to obtain the same recognition world
renowned that the two individual organizations currently enjoy. Aramco in oil production, Johns
Hopkins in healthcare delivery. Bringing those two entities
together to create a better healthcare platform than exists
today and have that achieve the same recognition that
they do individually. Would be a incredible
accomplishment and something we need to strive for. [MUSIC] The ability to create a future
leaning health care organization both of the two parties of the
joint venture, being Aramco and Johns Hopkins, are motivated to make something
better than what exists today. There is incredible researchers
on both sides of that equation and to be able to be a part of
that is incredibly exiting. >> Aramco has more than 80 years
experience with health care. Now we are going through a new
milestone where we are engaging with the healthcare giant in
the world, Johns Hopkins. >> One of the most gratifying
experiences of working on this project have been the people. Working with the employees
of Johns Hopkins and Saudi Aramco that
are working on and for Johns Hopkins Aramco
Healthcare have been some of the best people I’ve ever
Worked with in my life. Their engagement,
their commitment to success, their integrity and their energy
have created an environment that makes people
want to follow. It makes people want to be part
of the journey of creating a world-class health care
organization in Saudi Arabia. >> Johns Hopkins Aramco
Healthcare will bring a lot of development, and enhancement to
our existing medical field with a lot of new initiatives and
new programs. But what will stay the same is
our commitment to our patients. >> This new company will really
lead the way, pave the stage for the next 50 years, and for
the best healthcare system. This patient-centered
care type of services in the whole country, in our
kingdom and in the region. And I think we all have
to be very proud of that. [MUSIC]

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