#VLOGMAS DAY 11 | How To Survive Christmas On A Tight Budget

Of course the beeping starts as soon as
I’ve turned on the camera… Hi! If you’ve watched any of my vlogs recently you’ll
know that this Christmas is a Christmas of turmoil.. my life is in boxes, I am
moving house tonight and tomorrow, I’m about to lose my job,
and I don’t have a job lined up for next year… so I think it’s fair to say that
this Christmas is also a Christmas of budget. Which is why I’m going to share
with you (and also with future me) some tips on how to survive Christmas on a
limited budget. And then throughout this Christmas season / vlogmas season, you
can see me putting some of these tips into practice to prove to you how
effective they are! The first and most important thing for you to do if you
have a limited budget to work with for Christmas is to set out your budget. And
by that I mean really set it out in black and white. Be absolutely and
brutally honest with yourself about exactly how much you can afford to spend
on Christmas this year, and don’t forget to allocate money to getting a Christmas
tree if you need to get a Christmas tree, Christmas food that you need to buy,
activities that you may or may not want to do, and going to lunch and Christmas
celebrations with work colleagues or friends, when you are calculating your
budget. Following on from that, the second most important thing for you to do is to
track your budget as the Christmas season progresses. Write down everything
that is Christmas related that you are spending money on, so that you know how
much more of your budget you have left to spend. And don’t forget to be as
strict about this as possible, make sure that you’re noting down any impulse
purchases that you might be making throughout the Christmas season as well,
and to factor them into your budget as you go. Thirdly if you do want to stretch
out your Christmas budget a little bit more for the holiday season, consider
going through your house and finding things that you don’t want anymore
and selling them. And finally, plan ahead. Start thinking about Christmas as early
as possible, planning the ways in which you can save money on the various things
that you want to do, and setting aside money as early as you can so that you
have that money to spend when you need it. So now let’s talk about decoration!
The most obvious tip for decoration is of course to get crafty, if you already
have decorations from previous Christmas years, then use them. If you’re the kind
of person who desperately desperately wants to make a new theme every year for
Christmas, or to get new decorations for Christmas, or if you don’t have any
Christmas decorations to start with, then consider trying to make your own. If
you do decide to make your own decorations, remember to try and use what
you have. The point of crafting here is to save yourself money, not to end up
spending more money buying things to make the crafts! Following on from that
if you’re trying to craft your own decorations, embrace the power of paper
decorations. Whether it’s window cutouts, bunting,
tassels, origami decorations, paper trees paper houses, paper chains… there are so
many things that you can do with just a simple sheet of paper, that will
instantly bring your house some extra festive cheer, and basically cost you no
money at all. And finally one thing that people often overlook when they’re
thinking about their Christmas decorating budgets, is to be aware of
electricity costs for Christmas lights. Make sure to factor in the cost of
electricity if you’re going to be running fairy lights, or consider trying
to limit the amount of fairy lights that you’re using in your Christmas
decorations this year. Next up, let’s talk about gifts and wrapping. As for
decoration, the very first and most obvious tip, of course, is to go for
homemade gifts. And when you’re making homemade gifts, try to play to your own
strengths and hobbies. If you have a love of cooking then
consider making home-cooked food, because everyone loves a good Christmas treat! You
might be into knitting, or crocheting, or sewing, or painting… whatever it is that
you like to do, or that you feel passionate about doing, use that to your
advantage to create some really meaningful homemade Christmas gifts this year. And again, remember that the point of
having homemade gifts is to save yourself money. So try and use what
you’ve got! When you do shop for gifts make sure you shop wisely. Try and use
web extensions like ‘Honey’ to find discounts that will save you extra money
on all of your gifts. And following on from that try and start shopping early.
The earlier you buy your gifts, the less you’ll have to spend on shipping in
order to get them to you by Christmas. If you have an extended family that
regularly exchanges gifts, consider asking them if they’d rather do a Secret
Santa or Kris Kringle exchange instead, in order to try and limit the amount of
money that you need to spend on gifts for extended family members. And finally,
don’t overlook wrapping the presents themselves! It can be very easy to
accidentally spend a lot of money on fancy gift wrapping paper, gift cards,
ribbons, tassels, baubles, and things to decorate your gift wrapping with.. but try to remember that there are lots of really
classy, wonderful, and festive things that you can do with just plain kraft paper,
butchers paper, or even newspaper when you’re wrapping your gifts!
Food and celebrations is one area of Christmas that you pretty much can’t
avoid spending money on, which is why it’s probably recommendable to try and
limit the amount of money that you’re spending on decorations and gifts so
that you can use that money on the actual food that you’re likely to eat
during the Christmas season. Tip number one is to try and avoid the big
‘Christmas shop.’ Instead try and stock up on the things that you are likely to
need throughout the whole Christmas season in smaller shops, in order to save
yourself that big splurge that you’re going to have to do if you’re buying the
bulk of your Christmas food at once. Secondly, it might sound kind of stupid
to say, but try and avoid going for the massive gourmet meals. Do your research,
and find the simple, more homely, traditional foods that you can cook for
Christmas that will save you that extra cash, rather than spending it on
creating big fancy Christmas cook ups. Thirdly, as I said, be aware of how many Christmas outings you’re likely to have to go on this Christmas season. Whether you have
regular friends catch ups with your circle of friends, or whether your
workplace tends to do Christmas breakups and Christmas dinners, be aware of how
much you’re likely to have to spend on those and remember to factor that into
your plan for your Christmas budget. So those are all of my relatively simple,
relatively obvious tips, for how to try and save yourself money during the
Christmas season, and to make sure that your Christmas still feels festive and
bright and bubbly even if you are working on a limited budget! I hope that
you enjoyed them, and I hope that some of them were useful. I myself will be
using a lot of these throughout the Christmas season, and making videos of
myself utilizing these tips as I go. I will see you tomorrow for another
vlogmas video, and until then, as always, stay festive! I love those J I N G L E bells.
Oh! Those holiday J I N G L E bells!


  1. Oh god. It sounds like everything is a mess, but I totally understand living on a budget, aka general living for me tbh. These are really good tips all year round honestly.

  2. You have no idea of how proud of you I am (I know sounds strange ^^''). You are facing so many changes with a smile on your face while struggling with a lot of different obstacles and yet you're able to use this situation in order to somehow help others with tips! You rock girl <3

  3. This is SUCH a helpful video!!!😍😍 I love this so much. You are such a badass woman Jasmine, I'm in awe of you every day!

  4. Amazing tips! I bought many gifts early this year, however we are going skiing and we have to get snow things for my daughter, didn't plan ahead for that one oopps.

  5. These are all great tips, I usually try to do shopping before December rolls around so that Im not stressed during Christmas time. and Good luck with your move 🙂

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