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it sounds like he's getting in finding common ground but Vox did another healthcare video relatively recently know there's called the real reason American health care is so expensive let me ask you this about Vox question of the day do you agree with Gerald's assessment on Vox and that when they released videos now they just pray to God that nobody does research but nor watches this show it's gotten to the point where they just try to slide it in there now let me give them credit here with this and we'll do a point-by-point rebuttal they actually do offer some solutions so their argument as this is why American health care so expensive and then they do offer usually they just criticize and kind of like John Oliver and so we want to give credit where it's due they found a new bet your elf boy to offers yes solution I got they got rid of the turnover rate is the gay high a semi Cuban let's go first clip America's government spending on health care on programs like Medicaid and Medicare and the VA our versions of socialized medicine it's about the same size as these other countries these countries where the government runs the whole health care system no no no okay this is right off the bat listen same size they're conflating size and percentages this is really perfectly nuts at the hint the United States total total costs of health care total spending on health care or if you want to use GDP I don't know that that exact chart what they're using it's very different from New Zealand or Portugal or Norway yeah also by the way do you know why it's different do you know why it's different because military because Sweden on that map they need our military to protect them from anybody benefits from the United States mo that's why they don't they don't pay for they don't military so they can piggyback off of all the innovation and great cool stuff that we that's us the land of cool stuff you're welcome stop conflating percentages in size let's get into more next clip it's the private insurance system that makes health care in America so expensive conventional wisdom says the government is more expensive than the private sector and yet here we are with the biggest private sector spending the most why is it free-market so bad here we go very simple answer because it's not the free markets job to control the cost and this is something that they do a lot they go back to just a cost cost the the biggest lie ever told and you see this from Young Turks and there are these other atheist channels that are that are more liberal leaning say well more people are satisfied with our health care no this is in this entirely stems from subjective standards how do you feel about your health care if you give someone a sandwich with flecks of human feces in it but it's free they'll probably like that sandwich more than a sandwich that's fecal matter list but mediocre at best if somebody paid for it so that's important they're only talking here about the cost it's not the private sectors job to control the cost but to provide the best services to provide the most innovation to provide healthcare available to many different people all kind of different options whether they're lower cost or higher cost premium healthcare services some examples I think three separate analysis yeah concluded an 85% of the drugs approved by the FDA since 1988 arose solely from research and development performed in the private industry Berkeley Berkeley sites that 75% of clinical trials are privately funded that doesn't come cheap if your only standard is why are they spending so much and you're not taking this into account you're not going to see the whole picture and sometimes that's by design yeah and they start out bashing the free market like health care is void of government interference and it's a free-market model that we should look at to see this an unregulated Wild West yeah come on don't you know people can just sell you healthcare in the street just be intellectually honest here in your first point you can get health care online without a background check we don't go to the doctor more than the Germans of the Japanese in fact to go to the doctor less the difference between us and them is it behavior every time we go to the doctor for everything from an angioplasty to a hip replacement from a c-section to a pain reliever in America the price grew the same procedure at the same hospital it varies enormous ly depending on who is footing the bill all right so this is you notice it keeps coming back if he just keeps talking about how we pay more and this is important I want you to see a whole picture okay if you pay more that's only a portion of any transaction if you go and purchase anything at a store right now let's say I go I go and I pay $10 what's your next question for what would you get what the other party there you go what's the quality imple look we're paying x4 we're paying X amount of money and it's too many X's yeah what for let's just look at the bill are our results better than say South Africa Spain included in the charts or maybe many of those procedures or drugs get invented in the private sector the United States leads and creation of new jugs jugs what new drugs and publications of medical research different chart service patients are 45% more likely to die in British hospitals in the United States and I've talked about this many times wait times in Canada for hospital beds they're close to nine hours the NHS failed to reach its goal of a four hour wait for our wait times in the ers what time of the u.s. it's about two hours so again don't just look at the one portion of the equation how much are you spending what are you getting fed what is the rest of the world getting from privately funded health care I get it you don't like paying for stuff everyone likes free stuff we like the party favors we like the loot bag but that does not national health care policy make next clip the price for someone with public insurance like Medicare or Medicaid is often the lowest price these groups he covers so many people that the government can demand lower prices from hospitals and doctors and they get those lower prices if the doctors in hospitals say you know there was a ton of business that's a bad thing that's one third of doctors now won't accept new net new Medicaid patients it is getting worse if you look at the trend fewer and fewer doctors are accepting Medicaid and Medicare why because though you just say if the hospitals don't accept it they won't last just it's like okay this mug all right it's $69 annually if you're a student I don't give you 20 yeah but we can't afford that though it's 60 because we have server costs we have 12 employees at $69 no I'm gonna give you 20 yeah well no thank you only the person saying I'm gonna give you 20 holds a gun your head says by the way you're taking 20 that's a good thing that's why doctors just stopped working and they don't they say you know what don't open the door on deck that guy comes in he always offers me 20 he only offers you 20 don't let him in don't let him in next clips well he's gonna be found in most hospitals charge uninsured patients four times as much as Medicare patients for an ER visit okay so one thing no one wants to talk about this many uninsured people use the ER as effectively their health care plan right you can't be refused in emergency right the last thing to ask for is your health care info illegal immigrants in the United States for example go in get care leave never pay they never pay think about this no people never paid no social yeah but the difference is with illegal immigrants no social security number right no credit issues no it's free care yeah so that's the reason that ers are incredibly in hospital all these hospitals are incredibly expensive compared the cost of services say at an ER with providers who exclusively and then it's the United States particularly I was from Canada I didn't know this existed yeah deal with like cash only patients cash only doctors I have a kid I have a health care plan that's catastrophic care and I go to a cash doctor okay cash only MRIs there's a good example I've done this many times insurance would have paid two three times the amount of the MRI that I paid when I went and I paid for it myself anyway Lex neg Mac next clip other countries they don't have this problem instead of every private insurance company negotiating with every health care provider there's just this big list country the central government they go on they say if you want to sell to us to all of our people then here's what you can charge for a checkup here's what you can charge for an MRI or a prescription for limit or and so then whether that bill goes to the heavily regulated private insurance companies in Germany or directly the government like the UK sounds better this country is telling the doctor or hospital or drug company how much that bill will be and because the government controls access on all of the customers it's an offer miss hospitals and doctors and it sounds really bad Boxter supported price fixing even if lied that the practice is mobster like which yes yeah but it's okay so long as the government does it scale it off boy probably thought American History X was a family fill about the government can step in if they don't accept Medicaid and curb stomp with lubes tracks playing in the background Oh what is this what is this rate fixing do Farrar I don't know say doctors well can't Canada we just it was really hard it took years just to get a family doctor yeah in the UK since there's a very low ceiling to what they can make as apparently is virtuous according to Vox from 2008 to 2012 more than 8,000 doctors left the UK and by the way the only reason that other countries can price fix on drugs is because of places that don't allowing for the innovation the creation of new drugs let's let's say the government said hey hey listen okay alright the price that people are gonna pay for your new cancer treatment it can only it's gonna be a hundred bucks that's it you can't charge more but it what it costs billions of dollars to create don't care that's the cost that's the offer you can't refuse guess what the companies that create research the companies that innovate they're going to create zero new cancer treatments there is no incentive to go in so we burden the cost the private sector burdens the cost and then these other countries piggyback off of them and provide it at a subsidized rate that doesn't mean that somewhere down the line somebody didn't invest in creating new better health care you need that to keep this afloat just like you need the United States military to keep Canada from being invaded from I don't know anyone next clip under a single-payer system if you did drive prices down doctors and hospitals they would be paid less in there right now they're lining some of them close some go out of business or some move it sounds like fun and common ground okay turns out everything we talked about was completely unnecessary our counters on you're gonna lose doctors hospitals are gonna close down check hair is going to be worse offer yes yes yes but here comes and in that plan he expands Medicare to cover vision and dental and he opens it to nearly everyone not just people 65 and older kids go on Medicare automatically and most adults can buy in it's a dream world far down overnight but it would at least begin to recognize what we already know what most other countries already do that health care is one of those things the government can do cheaper and better but but you just said none of those things are true fewer doctors than ever are accepting these government forms of health care Medicaid in particular Medicare is going to be catching up really soon the solution here is yeah hospitals are gonna close yeah we're gonna lose doctors but we do know that if we put everybody onto a system that's effectively bankrupt and we have to make slush funds in order to support it's gonna work out eventually and it doesn't work precisely because of like you said the red tape and the costs associated with health care it is unreal to me that they can concede all of the territory everything that we talked about in this video and they don't care anyways because they believe that the government can somehow do it better than it's been doing it here's the deal it's a good it's a good measurement right you've got Medicare you've got Medicaid okay yeah we have problems with the image we have way more problems with third party insurers than we've had it then ever before I'll give it to them yeah what was doing better where do you where do you have better options right now we're not doing the thing that they try and do when they're trying to add few skate all of their you know their their information their facts because they don't want you to do the research I'm not saying this is an issue that's way more nuanced then no listen they're not showing the complete picture okay right obviously everything is more nuanced than you can fit into a video if it's less than five hours long everything is more nuanced and you can fit into a youtube clip or even onto the full version of the show what is not nuanced what does not require subtlety to understand is that this entire video only discusses costs it does not discuss quality of service this is one thing if you're looking to argue your point if you're looking to have this conversation with somebody usually not from a country that's socialized health care mind you okay usually people come from socialized health care they go we'll give you that one it's better he your hotels are like hospitals I thought I thought it was at a Marriott turns out I just broken my arm and woken up on morphine it is nice here compared to where I was raised in Montreal you need to when discussing this issue and I would love to have someone from Vox on this show to discuss it pin them down on quality of care and make sure that quality of care is measured by objective outcomes and not subjective polls asking people how do you feel about your health care when you frame that in and you're okay let's get outside of costs let's get outside of what people think about crappy health care because they're not paying for it and I live in socialized hellholes what are the actual objective outcomes of health care it is a losing issue for them it's a losing issue for them internationally it's a losing issue for Vox domestically if you actually compare Medicare Medicaid and the private sector and it sucks you mean nothing like this video subscribe by clicking the subscribe button it's acted sinesses circle now it used to be a square which most buttons aren't squares lets us on a phone there's square buttons on phones what mouse buttons are circles you understand what I'm talking about or watch the recommended video which is popping up in a 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