Walmart changing prescription policy, hopes to curb opioid abuse

(MM) A POPULAR RETAILER– IS TAKING STEPS– TO HELP CURB THE OPIOID EPIDEMIC. WALMART ANNOUNCED TODAY THAT—–IT WILL RESTRICT THE AMOUNT OF OPIOID PAINKILLERS IT GIVES TO PATIENTS. NO MORE THAN A —-SEVEN DAY SUPPLY WILL BE DISPENSED– AND THE DAILY DOSAGE WILL BE CAPPED AT FIFTY MILLIGRAMS. EYEWITNESS NEWS REPORTER ERIC HALPERIN SPOKE TO OFFICIALS FROM SEVERAL TREATMENT FACILITIES– AND HAS MORE NOW ON THIS CHANGE. (EH) WALMART EXECUTIVES SAY THIS IS ONE WAY THE COMPANY IS FIGHTING AGAINST THE OPIOID EPIDEMIC. THE NEW POLICY IS SIMILAR TO ONE CVS ANNOUNCED FOR IT’S PHARMACY BACK IN SEPTEMBER. Prescription opioid pills…what some in the treatment field say can often be the spark to a serious addiction problem. Traditionally people have been getting a months worth of opiate prescriptions for say maybe a dental procedure that they might need something for two or three days, and there’s a lot of opiates hanging around in peoples medicine cabinets so it would eliminate that The it SSTAR treatment center nurse practitioner Susan St. Armour is talking about is Walmarts New Policy it plans to roll out within the next 60 days. In a release the company says “Walmart and Sam’s Club will restrict initial acute opioid prescriptions to no more than a 7 day supply, with up to a 50 morphine milligram equivalent per day. This policy is in alignment with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines for opioid use.” St. Armour says it’s a step in the right direction because getting a 30 day supply of an opioid for something that really only needs a few days can be dangerous. If someone just needs it for a week and they have a months worth, something bad is gonna come of it Accordng to the CDC the opioid epidemic kills more than 100 Americans in a day. In the battle against it Walmart began giving away packets to properly dispose of leftover opioids earlier this year and now this..the plan to limit prescriptions. It could rein it in a little bit so that they’re not automatically large amounts. (EH) ANOTHER NEW POLICY WALMART ANNOUNCED THIS WEEK…STARTING JANUARY 2020 ALL WALMARTS AND SAMS CLUBS WILL REQUIRE E- PRESCRIPTIONS FOR CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES. I’M ERIC HALPERIN, EYEWITNESS


  1. It's simply a matter of supply and demand ….they can't pump them out fast enough …every bodies got to share the pain ….or lack of !

  2. I thought it was illegal to PRACTICE MEDICINE without a medical license?
    Walmart is targeting chronic pain patients, not acute initial prescription patients as this woman states (although still illegal to do what she states they are doing)! Pain Clinics in NW Arkansas have notified their patients of local Walmart and Sam's club pharmacies refusing to fill chronic pain patients prescriptions in their entirety? June 5th, 2018! Happening right now in Arkansas! Apparently some pharmacists don't understand the difference between acute and chronic! They are not filling prescriptions for severe chronic pain sufferers who have been taking these medications long term in order to manage day to day life tasks… Something is terribly wrong when a Retail Corporation can now rate you based on your private medical records to deny you what a licensed MD has prescribed you?
    Walmart, why don't you help with the alcohol crisis? Alcohol kills at least 88,000 people a year, pain meds don't come anywhere close to that number… They sell cigarettes… Hmm? No problems there!
    Attorneys need to stop this illegal activity by Walton Corporation. They are not a governing agency, nor are they licensed to practice medicine as well as not legally allowed to alter a prescription written by a licensed Doctor!
    They need to educate their pharmacy staff as to what acute and initial (as in initial pain prescriptions) means! They also need to stop the HEPA violations in the use of our private medical records!
    Can we all say Class Action Lawsuit?
    You are a for profit retail business not licensed to practice medicine! You can dispense medicine as written by a licensed Doctor with a DEA number! What is your DEA number to be able to alter a prescription! It is illegal to ALTER a prescription, why are these pharmacists and staff not being arrested?

  3. It should not be the responsibility of pain patients to have to suffer more!!!!  This is cruelty!!  This is not a good thing.  It will just make patients suffer more.  Animals at least get euthanasia.  We will have heart attacks as our body stress's out.  This is NOT a step in the right direction and will harm people with Intractable pain.  This policy reminds me of depopulation of the sick and disabled like in Hitlers days.  The CDC knows nothing about pain or compassion.

  4. When I started going to my current pain clinic they said that I can write down any pharmacy I decide to use on my paperwork,but it can't be wal-mart.

  5. What epidemic ….they are actively fucking over chronic pain and cancer victims….trumps bullshit agenda to kill sick people. Boycott Wal-Mart, they won't get a penny from me

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