Wanted for Drug Trafficking: Life on the Run


  1. Idk why this foos tripping on catching another charge in there that’s how it’ goes in CDC come in on 3years end up with and additional 15 years for putting it down for your people.. .. This foo prob pc’d up in the end cuz he’s a trophy in the pin cuz of his parents …

  2. "You miss out on mad oppertunities" on what…jail? Bein able too say you went too jail on your record? xD lol this dudes whack like 95% of rappers fake lol will rat on u in a heartbeat, "im scared too go to jail" – the rapper from this video lol

  3. this guy spends a check on people "he cant trust" but right before that his family was talking about the money problems they're in and he can even pull out a dollar smh

  4. Shit is sad but he is standing up for what is right, although incarceration system in this country is fucked sooo….idk if it matters in the end? Hope fully you will have peace of mind when you get out, good luck in there man!!

  5. "your past is your present and your present is your future, but in order to really move ahead you gotta clean up your past"

  6. He tweaked if he was not arrested for that long and he was surviving and living well there was no need to even turn hisself in smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. Should just wait 3 years. You're already over half way there, and they will keep you on probation for at least 5 years after you turn yourself in.

  8. I can respect you finally taking care of your responsibility ..BUT.. i can't respect that damn Purse you always carrying … hope you come out a better "man".

  9. Its fuckt up because when he bought the bar for everyone if he wasnt already going away someone would have robbed him or put him away

  10. We all have problems. He should’ve turned himself already..

    Side note: How they talk around the young ones is a problem.

    These people create stress for the younger ones and don’t even care or acknowledge what they’re doing..

  11. >> I don’t like telling people more than they need to know. They can use it to hurt you.

    >>Proceeds to make rap videos about current crimes he’s committed and involved in, and uploads it to millions of people.

  12. All his people were there to help him party but not one was there to help him move out. That's how you know people faker than Kraft Mac and cheese

  13. I bet He bonded rite out, kinda seems to Me he wanted some recognition or something "clout" idk maybe I'm wrong. Brodie do seem lke good pples tho.. He spoke alot of facts but ain't all preachers good preachers n actually practice what they preach. I'm jst a squirrel on the fence watching hahaha

  14. He’s a great person deep down you can see the pain in that mans eyes I pray for his well-beings and his family🙏🏽🙏🏽

  15. No way I'm spending money on hoes just for shaking their asses….sorry ladies. Won't be taking my money laughing all the way to bank.

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