hi and welcome back to another episode of row back to India I am making these videos because I want to learn a little bit more Hindi and a little bit more about Indian culture before I head back to India probably at the beginning of October therefore I like to watch Bollywood movies because I'm lazy and I love to watch movies for this week you recommended me to watch Munna Bhai MBBS and to be very fair this story sounded so much fun so I'm very very excited to watch it in case you have no idea what I'm talking about I went to India in 2015 for two months and I've logged daily so if you want to see those vlogs there's like a whole playlist with them without further ado let's get into the video there we go Munna Bhai MBBS bhai by damage what I particularly liked in the description of this movie is that it's laced in Mumbai so yeah don't is you don't yeah if you hear good janae ha ha I know Cristiano is nothing's good Chania hata is I don't care that correct oh this is his father from um on the Mumbai gangster solo he thinks the Mumbai gangsters a dr. Myron drive of the electronic device is this the Beach chowpatty beach Jimmy but but what you gotta love me right oh no his father's trying to get him married off to a real doctor a girl who only wants to marry another doctor the father of the girl the other father wanted to marry his son off found out he's a gangster this is the father of the girl he's trying to expose him that he's not a doctor the students yell dose use the Chaldean what would you Jillian dr. Salik delegated some sucker you it is exposed to me just exposed him is he gonna admit oh he did I thought the whole movie would be about him trying to hide it from his parents he's completely of sad oh oh wow he's gonna tell you to become a real doctor ah this is so funny it was actually going to call it playing yy-you do yes coordinated dancing makes me happy oh snap the guy who follows him the father of the girl he's the Dean of the Medical College he's attending and he cheated to get it and this is a daughter of the Dean actually the doctor girl but he doesn't know it's her because they only talked on the phone so he's talking to her all the time but he doesn't know she's a girl that he actually wants to marry I learned uh well it's not really of course weird like mama mama mama mama does have the heart in the right place so this guy's totally paralyzed vegetable State and who bought him a bed doctor mom oh my why is he cheating he's cheating on his exams is she you should do it himself man unless he's really not smart enough did you ever cheat on your exams I never the girl is pretending to be a badass to throw him off so he doesn't want to marry her anymore oh it was actually take his friend pretending to be kinky said a girl he's now hitting on the real chinky this is a real jinkies oh yeah ha Jim hey Kia Khartoum hey what did you say Sakura oh my gosh she admitted to the girl he's in love with her and he asked her to marry him what what he doesn't know she's cheeky so there are two ways to say yes so ha and G but when do you use ha and when you use G because I've heard it all over the place and I cannot figure it out so can you tell me they're building a party for a guy who has cancer who I really like what this girl said she said something along the lines it's not about how long you live it's about how you live it up and I saw every would have to do this upset because he walked in on the dance and everybody's protecting munna bhai bhai bhai why damn it now everybody doing magic hugs in the hospital wait what no he's leaving Austin because she doesn't want to marry him does she want a magic hug – she wants a magical oh no yay the girl said don't go and now he's naturally cool he seriously broke some bones to stay in the hospital so they can't throw him out the girl is impressed with his people skills the real chinku she's falling for him the Dean is throwing him out anyway now that he's healed and all the people are standing up for him but he should stay everybody's disobeying the Dean and still he wasn't throw him off and he does cheat that's true I mean he's a nice guy but I wouldn't let him operate me you're prescribing medicine or anything you know this Dean by the way he reminds me of the Dean in the three idiots even though that Dean was way way WAY worse and yes I want three idiots I watched the classic Diwali movie and I know what the full name is but the classic Diwali movie I watched it thank you so much for those recommendations but I watched those before I started making these videos everybody's helping him to get through his exam wait which lay means nothing and coach not me no no wait it's the other way around which na means nothing which name it means anything is that correct yes and yours dies so your died but I'm not really upset about that because he had a good last couple of days he's doing the exam will he pass he just admitted before everyone that he cheated the paralyzed guys moving or even the daughter of the Dean is rebelling against him right now my parents are back I guess dad is proud of him because everybody loves him and even though he didn't become a doctor he saved lives hmm that's cute and Tinky's gonna make herself known there we go this is such a beautiful and they it's a really cool movie Hannah I picked up a little bit more handy I saw some Mumbai thank you so much for recommending it for next week I was thinking to watch Devdas the classic because some of you guys already recommended it I already watched it but it was 15 years ago I only know shadowkhan played it and it's a very very sad movie but I think I want to watch it for next week so you can recommend me other movies in the comments down below but then I will watch those the week after to make it easier for all of you I put a list down in the description below of all the movies that I've watched including the links to the movies I made a video about because I watched three idiots and the lot of the classic before I made these movies so too bad I love them though they're wonderful but I don't have a reactions video of those if you're not yet subscribed to my channel click that subscribe button and if you like this video you can put a thumbs up bye I will see you next time


  1. Ji is to respected one, like to president's orders. Ha is for any general person like if friend A asks friend B for pen. Friend B will say ha deta hu meaning yes i will give you pen.

  2. Devdas was milestone movie for you. I dont know when you are crying i also cry😥. feel start coming from movie. Please react on rockstar movie.

  3. I like your intonation and accent of both languages in Hindi and English,you and your both are cool

  4. A Maammu!
    It means, 'Yo Nigga!
    and (Han/G) stands for yeah gandu" e.g=> 'Do you like her?,
    in Hindi= Tum usse chahte ho?
    And the ans. Yeah!
    In Hindi. It's 'Han G', see G and what G stands for?

  5. Watch movie Gardish movie directed by Priyadarshan and the protagonist is Jackie Shroff father to Tiger Shroff

  6. Haa and ji are the same but we usually use haa in daily basis but ji is used when u talk to elders, it shows respect.
    Watch phir hera pheri, a awesome comedy

  7. In your upcoming visit don't use the word Chinki, its offensive crime in our mother land. Reason you can find in Google. Just FYI.

  8. There are three words in Hindi for "You"
    1. "Aap" (when talking to elders or showing respect)
    2. "Tum" (Generally used word, a casual word fro the people of same age group)
    3. "Tu" (A very casual word specially among close friends, sometimes used as insulting word too)….

  9. u talked too much in this video. u didn't show enough movie clips either. u have to be quite sometimes so people can also see the movie clips. hope u will take this advice in a right way

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