We are Recruiting! (First Aid Trainer)

hi I’m a step one of the directors of Lazarus training and I’m really excited to announce you that we are recruiting we’ve had some great successes recently with an increase in about first-aid training courses we’re providing and some recently won contracts and we need more trainers there are because we provide first aid training of medical training we are looking for people we have a background in pre-hospital care now ideally that background should be working in hostile or remote areas as well now as its training we hope that that person’s got a background eating training ideally backed up with qualifications but will you tell people gain qualifications if needs be the training we deliver is very very practical so you’ve got to be happy to work for your cash dissimulation equipment and it will be assisted by other members of our team to work in as a team is a really important factor now the training might be national or international so you’ve got to be willing to travel and ideally have experience of delivering training for our translator we are looking for both full-time and some part-time roles as well so if this sounds of interests contact us on admin at level of training co uk centres for a cover letter CV some information about you clips to YouTube when you’ve done training stuff before who knows but we’re really looking forward to hearing from you and we’ve got a recruitment day in August so get back to as soon as you can and we’ll send you the details of all that a lot with the full Job Description salary etc for those of you that are interested look 14 for me

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