We Are Weill Cornell Medicine | Dr. Ernie Esquivel

I think I understand what it means to be scared. When I was in sixth grade in the Philippines
one of my friends threw a pen at me and it hit me in the right eye I woke up after surgery and the fear that came with that the disfigurement and disability is something that has lived with me I’m a hospitalist, which means I take care of patients when they’re admitted to the
hospital and I am a director of the internal medicine course for our medical students When students enter their clinical year I think it’s a very
vulnerable period for them because I think it’s part of understanding who
they are and my experience as a child helps me connect with those emotions –I think I learned a lot, about how I function– When I see a student being able to do
something that they couldn’t even imagine doing That- that transformation
to me is an incredible experience. At Weill Cornell/New York Presbyterian
Hospital I find myself surrounded with all these
medical students who have achieved great things. And to be instrumental to that
growth is what sustains me. My partner and I have been helping to raise my nephew Frank since he was in middle school I think our role is to help him
figure out who he is and what he wants to be It’s the same thing to mentor a
student. For my nephew I’ve seen a transformation That’s what all parents
want And I think that’s what we want for our students To succeed

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