We Are Weill Cornell Medicine | Dr. Heather Yeo

my dad was a general surgeon and
everyone around knew him as Dr. Yeo You know now to be Dr. Yeo is very meaningful
to me when I told my dad I was going into medicine and possibly surgery he
was really excited he said to me I want you to know surgery is really tough I
don’t want you to do something like this just because it’s something I’m doing
he’s very happy that I found the passion for myself colorectal cancer is my
specialty I really focus on surgical outcomes and patient quality of life one
of my particular areas of interest is in older adult patients I think a lot of it
stems from the fact that my grandma and I were very close I think just our
relationship has really had an impact on my work and how I interact with patients
for me the relationships with the patients are very important and I want
my patients to come into my office and give me a hug them today so glad to see
you painted your belly part of the reason i’m at Weill Cornell is that
these close relationships and kind of caring for the whole patient are not
unique to me you’re not just a little speck on the piece of paper or medical
record number you’re a patient who we know taking care of patients throughout
their process it is a very intense situation and I want to take care of
them like I would want someone to take care of my grandmother or my father my
father unfortunately passed away very suddenly a week before I graduated from
medical school well he’s not here with me physically he’s still very much a
part of me and a part of the way that I take care of patients

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