1. Would love to see you lads play live. South coast UK anytime soon? More specifically Bournemouth/Southampton

  2. My Moms cousins hot daughter (creepy yes but it's not my fault she's goodlooking xD) was telling me about her boyfriend who is in this band and he is the bassist called Sean and I've honestly never heard of this group so I just looked them up now and wow pretty good and famous! She travels with the band to most of shows so wow interesting indeed!

  3. There are many pro's and con's to your comment. Deceit, being the worst. Though since it had a positive twist on the end, I will neither like or dislike, but comment.

  4. He's not affiliated with 9gag, just familiar with it. Being affiliated means to be in close contact with. He has the right idea of them stealing "stories" though, so I would conclude he uses reddit or 4chan.

  5. Is it wrong when he said "I've stolen all my stories" I automatically thought of 9gag?

  6. I think this video is about how overwhelming forces, such as love, can cause us to do crazy, out of the norm, risky things to chase that love, even though this will just cause us pain in the end.

  7. One of the best live bands i have seen. Incredible. Both albums are 2 of my favourites of all time

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