Wearable Intelligence in Healthcare

talk to me honey Oh oh okay how do you feel like tell me I'm here though oh we going dancing later huh Oh folks I just have a couple of questions for you okay my name is Brian I just need a little bit more information okay okay any other medical problems I need to be aware of other than high blood pressure and high cholesterol no not that I know I know are there any medications aside from lisinopril simvastatin and aspirin 81 that you're taking right now no he just started slurring his words I don't know what happened no it's gonna be fine folks we're gonna take care of you okay oh you all right doctor I'm sending over the patient's info right now are you hit few minutes okay yeah I'm seeing these bottles now I'm coming to meet you yeah mr. green I'm dr. Isaac so mr. green I'm gonna record a short video for our records okay recording all right mr. green would you raise your arms for me please that's it very good okay send now mr. green we believe you may be experiencing a stroke oh I'm going to get an emergency tea scan right away okay let's get them out of them sorry patient is a 70 year old male with a past medical history of hypertension and hyperlipidemia presenting with two hours right-side weakness and expressive aphasia patient denies neurological deficits and additional symptoms send a message to on-call neurologist seven-year-old male on aspirin presenting with signs of left MCA occlusion for two hours stroke scale of seven hemodynamically stable requesting remote Ella consult ASAP do we administer TPA call dr. Isaac hi Julia CT scan just came in have you taken a look taking a look now I see no evidence of hemorrhage we get the patient on video please on my way I'm showing me now mister mrs. crane I've brought in the neurologist for a telecon Seoul could you uh mr. green please show me your teeth yeah okay now can you please close your eyes and raise your arms okay now can you say early bird gets the worm preferred just job job what any contraindications to TPA none okay I'm going to send you my recommendations right now let me know if you need anything else okay Thank You Julia this screen could have been far worse oh we caught it just in time and we're going to continue to give him just the very best care that we can Thank You Tara or welcome you


  1. It's really refreshing and powerful to be able to see new technology such as Google Glass being heavily implemented in the workplace to increase efficiency and safety. The future of wearable technology is looking very bright right now

  2. the oil field one was better, this one seems like there too large a margin of error. A tablet would be better suited here.

  3. My father in law is suffering from Alzheimer disease. Could be Google Glass adapted to help a person with memory of everything? 

  4. Well done! If people who are afraid of Glass could see this, there would be more acceptance of Glass
    William E. Straw MD

  5. While this is a very cool video that the general public loves, as any medical professional would know, in any hospital with such well-integrated electronic health records, an on-call neurologist would be in the ER immediately following issuance of a stroke alert and would perform a much more thorough neurological assessment than shown in the little video clip sent by the glass.

    Also for aspiring future doctors: a patient with expressive aphasia wouldn't be able to say "I'm ok… We're going dancing later, huh?" with no trouble. This patient has dysarthria which is different from aphasia.

    Great video otherwise.

  6. The concept is great, and the actual case was extraordinary but could you imagine the issues with verbal commands and parsing when it comes to these devices?

    Errors happen no matter what but suggesting that you could rely on glass (or any device right now) to function on a level that is stable and safe is very misleading.

  7. that is a MR scan shown on the iPad, not a CT. Good video overall. Fast information access and intelligent notification are very useful but I don't think voice input is all that helpful/practical in the hospital environment.

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