good morning guys and welcome to a week in the life of a nursing student today is Monday morning and I am headed into my first clinical rotation so Monday and Tuesday we have two back-to-back clinical rotations so Monday I'm going to this school where I'm headed now with the elementary school and I basically follow around the school nurse and then Tuesday I'm at a Children's Hospital but right now I'm on my way to the school probably record a little bit when I get there so I will see you guys there hey guys so I am back from clinical now as you guys saw I was just in a nurse's office and today was a pretty chill day so a lot of diabetics a lot of asthma a lot of my stomach hurts my foot hurts my leg hurts my head hurts I banged my hand I banged my head I been a lot of that so a lot of the day was just taking temperatures and um charting stuff and now I am back home tomorrow you'll see tomorrow but tomorrow we're gonna get up and do the same thing again because we have clinical again except it's at a Children's Hospital so today what I'm about to do right now is I'm about to give myself some time to relax you know before I start some work so I'm going to take some notes and then also I'm going to start studying for my test I have a test on Thursday so I want to study hard Monday night Tuesday night Wednesday night yeah and I think I'll be pretty set I'm hoping I'll be pretty set but yeah so much relax take some notes study so I'll see you guys then all right so it is 10:30 at night I just wrapped up studying I not through a lot today so I'm really happy that I got to uh a good chunk but I still have um a good amount left that I needed to study and really like get down to the details of what might be on this test I'm not feeling as confident for this test as it was for the last one only because we only had one class to like talk about everything like the lastest that I have we had two full class periods until we actually took the test so that was two classes full of content that we went over but this time we only had one class and had to cram everything into that one class so that just means that I got to study harder and make sure that I know a lot of stuff like I said it's 10:30 so I really gotta try to go to sleep because I'm cool you have to be there at 6:00 a.m. which means yeah I got to get up around 4:00 a.m. like for 30 years like I really do try to go to sleep early for clinicals but it really just doesn't happen yes I will see you guys in the morning morning guys it's 5:00 in the morning I have to make this quick but I just have everything packed and just have to throw on my coat and then I'll be ready to go so I'm gonna show you guys my uniform really fast because I didn't show you guys yesterday so this is my uniform I'm just wearing a sweater today the tops under here but yeah but to throw on a jacket and then I'm going to head out hey guys it's much later in the day now I got back from clinical around like 3:30 um I took a nap and now I'm just up study this hasn't really been like a good study day because I don't know like I just feel like the information is not staying in my brain some days I have really good study days for like everything is like making sense to me and like it's sticking in my brain and like I can remember it and like I just went to go review what I studied yesterday and like none of it stayed in my brain like that so nobody like it's not sticking with me my mom just called me like can't talk I'm studying I'm studying yeah nice it's a week in a life of a nursing students frustration frustration from not understanding content or the content is not sticking in your head or you're just unmotivated to study I think it's just the combination of all those three that is really hurting me right now because I like I'm just so annoyed Oh tomorrow we have classes so tomorrow at 1 o'clock I have my issues and research seminar class which is basically to me like a English class because providing like a APA paper and then at 3 o'clock I usually have my women's health class which is an elective that I chose but that got cancelled so I won't have it tomorrow but usually I would have a elective at 3 o'clock Thursday I have my main class my peds class and that's where my test is that's what I'm studying for like I said earlier in the blog wish me luck with this studying guys it's crazy to think that I have a desk and I really don't study at my desk like y'all see I study on my bed like I can focus on my bed this is just like not as comfortable as being able to sit on my bed and study but I'm about to do a homework assignment right [Applause] so I don't know if anybody else is a nursing major and you guys used ATI that's what we use ATI and we have like assignments to do on here watch videos take quizzes all that stuff okay so this is the case study and basically I have to record a video answering this question so it says the nurse is preparing to review the pathophysiology of asthma with Taylor's mother what should the nurse include in a teaching so I basically have to explain what the pathophysiology of asthma is so for teaching with the MDI you want to teach them how to use the metered dose inhaler so you want to tell them to remove the cap hold it upright and shake it and then put it at their mouth allow their lips to form a tight seal around it take a couple deep breaths and then spray one puff and breathe in slowly and then you want to hold your breath for 10 seconds and then you want to breathe out if you're doing two puffs then you need to wait a minute in between before you take that second puff you also want to teach them to keep it clean so watch the cap in warm water and then you also want to store it at room temperature and the advantage of using MDI with the spacer is that it allows more of the medication so you'll directly tear long so it's um it kind of just helps the medication go directly to your lungs done I don't even need to watch that great and I am done with the work for the night I'm done studying for the night it's 10:30 so I'm about to give myself a break relax chill out for the rest of the night this is my nursing building hey just working really fast because I am late for class this is where on the classes are hey guys I am back from class now it's about three o'clock I usually have a class after the class I just had but it was actually cancelled today so I kind of get a longer time to study today so that's good is 1209 a.m. and I just finished studying I need to go to sleep my books are all on my bed and literally this box of cheez-its that I killed while I was studying I love these she's at times my seat they're not good but yeah I want to put all this stuff away and go to sleep so I will see you guys in the morning right before I take my test morning guys I am getting ready before I really have to walk out the door I just reviewed some stuff from the test like 15 minutes and refreshed my mind and now I'm getting ready to go so wish me luck guys the next clip might be of me telling you guys what I got on the test I'm definitely gonna tell you guys I just don't know if it's gonna be this next clip or not but okay hey guys I am back from my test I forgot to mention that today is Valentine's Day and this is what I came home to that's so sweet and he made it my bed like isn't that so cute you made it my bed for me and I can't I'm so boses and a chocolate that's so sweet thank you babe and also also guys that test was a little ki hard like it was honestly a little bit hard let me turn on my light it was honestly kind of hard so we did the test review I don't think I was getting too many wrongs and I was also getting a good amount wrong so I don't know she's gonna enable the green in less than an hour the grades should be up she said so I will let you guys know what guys my test grade is in as you can see I got an 87 on my first test I got an 87 – so I got an 87 again I'm really happy because this test was definitely much harder than I expected it to be you know when I was taking it I didn't think that I did this well so I'm super happy with that okay guys this is going to be the end of this vlog I hope you guys enjoyed watching a week in the life of a nursing student don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you guys know the next time that I post and I will see you guys in my next video

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