Weekend Update on the Death of Chairman Mao (ft. Chevy Chase & Laraine Newman)

– And now, Weekend Update
with Chevy Chase. – No. Any dessert topping will do,
as far as I know. Well, a condiment–
I’ll talk to you later. Good evening. I’m God, and here’s the news. Let’s take a look at
the top story, shall we? Mao Tse-tung, chairman of
the Chinese Communist Party is dead at the age of 82,
after an extended illness. Amid speculation over who
the next leader will be, sources close to
the scene say that he will be replaced
by Imitation Mao. The statement just released
by Communist China reports, “We have
to call him imitation, but you don’t.” The People’s Republic
says Mao’s death has caused much confusion
among the populace. Here, large numbers
of mourners are shown lining up to see the premier
of the movie “Earthquake.” Generalissimo Francisco Franco has spent a restful
summer in Spain, and plans to remain there
for the fall, and possibly the winter. Well, tennis player
ophthalmologist transsexual Dr. Renee Richards is writing
a book about her life. It is tentatively titled,
“Tennis Without Balls.” Ugandan President
Idi Amin announced he will undergo a
species change operation in an effort to become
a human being. If the operation is successful, Amin says he will pursue a
career on American television. If it is not successful,
he will eat American television. Sammy Davis Junior took time out from his hectic TV and night
club schedule this week to fly to Denmark. The black entertainer
is pictured here after a discussion with Danish
physicians concerning Sammy’s upcoming operation
to have his jewels removed. In New York this week, Ramsey Clark,
Paul O’Dwyer, Bella Abzug, Daniel Patrick Moynihan,
and Abe Hirschfeld. Well, mass murderer
Richard Speck, sentenced to 1,200 years for
killing eight student nurses was up for parole this week. According to prison authorities, he was given 11 centuries
off for good behavior. Looks like there’s more
trouble at the Blaine Hotel. For more on that story,
let’s go live to correspondent Laraine Newman
at the Blaine. Come in, Laraine. – Chevy, I’m standing
here outside a room at the Blaine Hotel,
where once again, tragedy has stricken. This time, it’s sickness. Last week, a convention
stayed here, Chevy, and to date, 30 people
have contracted and been felled by what
reporters are referring to as the Foreign
Legionnaire’s Disease. A strange affliction, Chevy, where inexplicably,
a normal, healthy person suddenly becomes silent,
and after a momentary lapse starts speaking a foreign
language before dropping dead. With me is Mr. Paul Rutherford,
the Blaine’s manager. Mr. Rutherford, is there any explanation for this occurrence? – Not at all. The doctors don’t know
what the cause is, and I ensure you that
it’s only a coincidence. And it absolutely has
no reflection upon my hotel. Maybe it’s a virus
that’s going around, it could be the flu, you know, could be a cold, it could be… [speaking Spanish] – Chevy, the count
is now 31 people who have been felled by
this curious disease. Doctors are at a loss,
as are the police. Until something is determined, this is Laraine Newman saying… [speaking French] [applause] – Still to come,
Rocky flips the bird after this film message. Back in one minute.


  1. I for one never thought Chase was particularly funny. Belushi, Aykroyd, Radner etc. they were funny, very funny. Although Chase came into the cast a little later the show started losing it's "Funny".

  2. After this episode, SNL reported that the Mao mausoleum looked exactly like a Chinese takeout food box, with the name "MAO" scrawled across it in red paint.

  3. Love Laraine! She had a lot of good moments in first 2 seasons before being a bit overshadowed by others on the show.

  4. Once again, our top story tonight comes from Madrid, where Spanish authorities have confirmed that Generalissimo Francisco Franco has been resting comfortably for the past 42 years, and is very much still dead. When reached for comment, the Fascist dictator’s close friend Adolf Hitler said Franco has been enjoying his time off from the office of dictator, and plans to remain dead for at least another 42 years. Politicians close to the dictator, who now prefers to go by the name “El Cadaver”, have even hinted that he is planning to travel to see his friend and former German counterpart at his current hideout in Argentina, the Führerbunker South, sometime this summer.

    Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

  5. It would've been funnier if they'd learned actual lines in foreign languages. "Bueñas dias señor hablar hablamos hablan" is just lazy.

  6. When he said Francisco Franco was resting in Spain, did he mean he was dead or did he imply that the generalissimo was alive. Francisco died in 1975. Mao died in 1976.

  7. that intentional index finger in front of the black and white image of the middle finger… while his index looks like it could of been his own middle finger…. was actually a brilliant camera trick considering the tech of that time.

  8. I am only 47 years of age, but despite my youth, I can appreciate how people were much more easily entertained during the 1970's.

  9. Before this there was nothing remotely like SNL in the USA. Variety shows and sitcoms. That was all. People didn't know how to react to it and the writers had no idea what to do. It worked out. Much better now, of course, but can never be seen again through the eyes of people who had never seen anything like it before.

  10. Think The Simpsons is old? Imagine a live variety show that has been running since Chairman Mao and Generalísimo Franco were still (technically) alive!

  11. I agree with Chase..snl.. Fuckin sucks anymore.. Like bad. Horrible. Just horrible. To how do they make money. Shit.. How is the show even on air anymore.

  12. This show was so funny when it first come out. I don't remember exactly but I'm sure I was watching these very first episodes and hooked.

    This was a new type of comedy. You really laughed.
    Honest humor, unlike the boring mainstream shows.

  13. The REAL SNL when it was funny, next closest was the '80s with Dana Carvey, Kevin Neelan, Phil Hartman, Eddie Murphy, Dennis Miller and the rest of that crew.

  14. Wtf is this happy horseshit?….i heard that chevy bloody chase was a really funny guy???….was???…i'm now in pain..need to see a doctor cause i have thoughts of cutting my eye lids off….this is not funny..and if it was funny then, everyone must have been on hard drugs back in the pervy 70s😉…it's like an unfunny Anchorman Audition..

  15. Time Life bought the show and ruined it quickly. Neurotic right wing brownies it seemed the Hells Angels were an influence and many skits were very offensive to bourgeois drones and dimwits. I remember Belushi reading a newspaper and saying I can't believe how stupid these people are.

  16. I remember the 1st season of this show. I'd seen some of the first 2-3 episodes and was at a party at some of my friends house. I may be mistaken, because that was many years ago and life has dulled the memory clusters of my brain, but i believe it didn't come on until 1 am or so.

    The party was in mid stride and about that time most stations in our area went off the air and most people didn't have cable yet. So as the stations were signing off and someone was firing up the stereo i told them to switch to a certain channel and on comes Saturday Night Live, when it was truly live, and we began to watch.

    Everyone was a little amazed at some of the skits but what really converted them was when they did a commercial and it was so lifelike that people started talking about the product being sold. Then it went straight to an actual commercial that everyone had seen. I then proceeded to explain what we'd all just watched and for the rest of the show the whole house was glued to the TV.

    There was many joints smoked for the next hour or so and i was kinda interrogated as to what kind of show it was, where it came from and other questions i couldn't answer.

    I couldn't answer them because I'd only seen it a couple times myself. I made several new friends that night and was given some pretty good deals on substances that i won't go into right now but it was an excellent night. And several nights after that because of said deals i mentioned earlier.

    I can still see in my mind when i told them to change the channel and that 1st fake commercial came on. It was truly a memorable evening.

    Long live the 70's.

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