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Hello everyone ! Welcome to my channel Ayurvedic Aushadhi. Toady I will tell you about medicine for weight loss. Increased weight is the biggest tension in new and fast running life. Obesity increases rapidly after the age of 25. The science of weight gain is quite simple, if you are not burning as many calories as you are consuming by eating and drinking, then your weight gain is certain. Actually, the remaining calories accumulate as fat in our body and we gain weight Due to which obesity starts appearing. Its medicine is – 1)Fenugreek seeds – 50gm 2) Fennel flower – 50gm
3)Green tea powder – 50gm 4)Psyllium Husk powder – 50gm Grind all to a powder Take half a teaspoon 3 times a day with water. Weight loss will occur. All the ingredients will be available from any grocery store or Ayurvedic shop. Green tea powder is also available on Amazon. Please like the video, share and subscribe to my channel . Thank You !

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