Weill Cornell Medicine is Where Everything Connects

Weill Cornell Medicine is a very special place. You sense it in everything we do. As we grapple with unknowns. And seek breakthroughs that could reshape
the world. You see it, as we comfort and heal. You feel it, when we bring the best out in
each other. Never too small to think big. And never so big that we lose sight of why
we’re here. We meet the mysteries of medicine with humility
and resolve. With curiosity, and with a belief in the possible. Always moving forward with a commitment — not
simply to treat patients, but to care for them. As we work to reshape health care… And grow as a center of learning and healing… New buildings expand our possibilities… Research gives us new hope… As we become more diverse and dynamic… We stay centered on a fundamental idea. Weill Cornell Medicine is where everything
connects. It isn’t only what we learn. It’s how we use it. How we build on our legacy…
…and strive to make medicine ever more personal. Between our faculty and the next generation of physicians for our community and for everyone we serve… Medicine is moving at a stunning pace. And we are accelerating it. We’re not afraid to challenge convention,
or envision new ways of teaching. For us, a diploma never marks an end. It means a new beginning. We are bolder, and brighter, than ever before. And our future… will be even better.

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