WEIRD WEIGHT LOSS HACKS That Actually Work! Real Ways To Be Healthy!

welcome back to my Channel today I have another video for you guys but it is a little bit different because we are
doing something like a healthy weight loss type video is
definitely not one of those videos like how to lose weight fast or like
things that you’re going to do and then you’re gonna like lose like ten pounds
like that these are more like tips and you can incorporate into your
routine to help you live a healthy lifestyle and that will help like keep
you a healthy weight and age and all that so yeah let’s get on to the video
so my first one is for all of you guys who eat really fast and have trouble
slowing down you eat so if you were to use a chop sticks when
you eat it’s going to be a little bit easier to slow down you eat because if
you’re fumbling with the top six and then you’re not going to like trouble it
is fast and it’s just going to help you be more mindful a while you are eating
my next one is for everyone who has that biggest suite and that is to start your
day off with something sweet so something like a smoothie bowl which has
a lot of fruit in it is going to satisfy that sweet – and won’t let you have
cravings like later on because you satisfied that sweetness earlier in the day and also something
like a sweetie bowl has a lot of a great simple carbs that your body can use it
to fuel on so you’re kind of getting the sugar craving and giving your body fuel
at the same time so it is a win-win my next one is to skip the artificial
sweeteners and that is because all they do is really increase of bloating and
make you have more cravings and are going to make you feel tired you know
your brownie that’s a hug calories but made of who knows what so
totally skip those artificial sweeteners because you won’t get that bloated which
is going to make you feel like you’re bigger than you are anyway and just opt
for things that are real I like stevia or even using a banana or apple sauce
and place for recipes is a great way to eliminate them by night back in relation
to a healthy penis and a weight loss is to give yourself some self-love I’ve seen so many of like those jars
that focus on you know pounds loss or like weight loss and to me it shouldn’t
be about that it should be more like how you feel in your body so I wasn’t just implementing something
like saying positive things to yourself every day and instead of giving you a
reward for everyone haven’t you lose giving yourself a reward for saying
great things to yourself and it’s not only going to help you like
not being nitpicky about your body but it’s also going to help me look love
yourself more you’re going to be more happy with the progress that you do make
it more motivated to be healthy in the long run by any attack involves the
apple cider vinegar and if there’s one thing that i love it is apple cider
vinegar because it just does so many things and it’s great to do in the
morning put it in hot lemon water or just put it in a little bit of like
freshly squeezed juice and like shoot it back that’s what I do because that’s the
easiest way for me to just like get it done and get out of the way but it’s
really great for improving digestion and giving everything moving it’s great for your immune system and
it’s going to help your body use all like the glucose and all the fuel you
put into it when you eat it’s going to help mobilize it into your
bloodstream so that you can use that delicious smoothie ball glucose that you
just need my next one is to hydrate before you cabinet and if like this is so poor when you wake up your body is
so dehydrated from not drinking that you’re putting coffee you’re just
starting your body of dehydration just it’s really great to hydrate is good for
like weight loss is good for your skin is good for everything just started out
by just chugging out water that’s what I do every single day and it’s really
going to help a lot of the times when we feel like we were actually just thirsty
for not drinking enough water so start off your day by drinking a lot of water
before you have coffee and before you eat your breakfast my next act goes on
from my populace and that is it making a bulletproof coffee I’ve seen a lot of
them done with butter but I don’t eat butter so i’m using a coconut oils you
put a little bit of coconut off and this healthy fats and coconut oil that are
not only going to help keep you full of reduce cravings but they have a good
thing for you that’s going to satisfy your hunger and it’s also makes it less
than sitting on your stock and then I saw what you put in a little bit of
cinnamon because what cinnamon does is it make sure that there’s not a spike in
your blood sugar when you drink coffee do you drink coffee and you’re like what
like you’re wired this will give you like a steady state
of wire vs like up like in a Down crash my next time ever you guys is to django
/ anything it’s / 18 great i am I is I but basically you drink about one hour
after having a meal especially appealing I kind that has pretty one hour after
and it’s going to help eliminate all those hard to digest fats from your
system and really just help everything get a eliminated so thank you guys for
watching this video if you enjoyed it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and
let me know if you want any like more of these types of videos you want more like
tips and that because i have a time or two tell you if you guys are interested
in hearing them and i will see you guys in my next video is


  1. NEW VIDEO! I am sharing with you some weight loss hacks that are going to help you be healthy and can help you lose weight if thats what you are trying to do! I wanted to aim this video LESS on how to lose weight fast and MORE hacks to live a healthier life from the inside out, weight loss isn’t about fad diets or looking a certain way, but feeling good and feeling like you look good! But, for those of you who are moving towards a weight loss direction I wanted to give you some hacks 🙂 I hope you guys enjoy this! 💘

  2. It would be very nice to see some hacks for a "healthy weight gain" or some good food ideas for that 😊 I love your videos!

  3. When you said "hydrate before you caffeinate" it made me think of Cambria Joy. She says that all the time. Love the chop sticks 😀

  4. I always forget that you don't have like 500,000 subs! the quality of your videos is just so amazing that I automatically think that xD. much love to you liv!

  5. Great tips! I tried AVC in the mornings, I gave up on morning 2. I couldn't do it because I dread it so much! Then a fruit fly landed in it when I forgot to cap it for the day and I gave up lol 😂

  6. Very good ideas! Thank you! Summer is the perfect time to start focusing on your health! ☀️☀️

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  8. daammnn those chopsticks tho where they from love u putting my motivation up any other tips to get abs I'm only 14 but want to get really fit thanks  love ux

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