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[Music] “Are your ears bothering you?” NARRATOR: At Texas Health Physicians Group, we provide what matters most to you and your family.. exceptional primary care close to home from a medical staff you can trust. Whether you have the flu, need preventative care or an annual checkup, our board-certified doctors are here to help you. We are focused on taking care of the patients’ immediate health care need but we also focus on their long-term health. “Tiene una cita hoy?” NARRATOR: For our patients, we have bilingual staff at many of our locations across North Texas. We provide clear communication to each patient, allowing our guests to understand
and actively participate in their appointment from beginning to end. I think patients feel a lot more comfortable when they speak to someone in their native tongue. “Como les podemos ayudar hoy?” DR. RIVAS: Having Spanish-speaking staff is very important to providing the service that we intend to provide for our patients. It makes for more clarity between us and the patients. NARRATOR: Need to make an appointment? [Keyboard typing] You can go online or call us at any one of our locations. It’s quick, easy and convenient
with same-day or next-day appointments. DR. RIVAS: No one likes to be sick. It’s important to get you in
sooner rather than later in order to provide the service that you need. It’s important for us to get
treatment started as soon as possible in order to offset any unnecessary expense or any unnecessary visit with any specialist. NARRATOR: At Texas Health Physicians Group, our friendly staff provides quality medical care
for all of your health care needs. Whether you’re in Dallas, Fort Worth
or anywhere in between, there is a location close by when you need us.

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