Welcome to King's GKT School of Medical Education

welcome to gkt welcome to dkt welcome to gk t school of medical education our describe gk t has fun i opening and integrated inclusive exciting and diverse it's really very if you meet all sorts of people from all sorts of different backgrounds and we all come together and learn medicine in a really amazing city with brilliant hospitals the best thing for me about gk t is the community that we have here we are very very friendly and welcoming students here and the best advice that I would have for anyone is to just get involved in everything that you can I've had the space to grow as a person and opportunities to pursue my interests inside and outside of medicine you can really really utilize your strengths to do the things that you enjoy and you'll find like-minded people and you be able to share that spirit with everybody kings feels like a family actually where you've got every single year who interacts with other years you've got staff who are feeding in you've got institutions as well as the staff and hospitals who come in to teach to make everyone feel as though they're working towards a common goal

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  1. In response to Kathryn, the prefix ‘GKT’ refers to our longstanding association with our hospital partners and their associated medical schools – Guy’s, King’s College and St Thomas’s Hospitals. Hope helpful!

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