Welcome to Shepherd Center, Part 7 – Recreation Therapy

Every patient that comes in has a primary certified rec therapist. And what makes Shepherd so unique is we have specialists, because every skill is going to help you function when you go home. We have an art specialist, we try to give any kind of art medium that they want to do. We also have an outdoor specialist, he does everything from the fishing, the boating, the rafting, target shooting. We also have a horticulture specialist. She’s out in our garden most of the time. We have a patient garden which they weed, they plant, they take full care of the garden area. We have raised beds that help us show people what they can do at home We also have some aquatic specialist who work in the swimming pool. We also work on basic swimming techniques, water massage, going waterskiing, jet-skiing. We want to try to expose people to the daily activities that you do when one lives their life. Shepherd’s great, it’s very accessible, but it’s not reality when people go home One of our biggest goals is taking people out in the community, to expose them to how it is at home. It really helped me a lot with finding out what I needed to know before I got back home, so when I got back home I was able to be more independent, and I could do things on my own.

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